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Wednesday Wonder Woman: Linda Lee

Wednesday Wonder Woman: Linda Lee

Our Wednesday Wonder Woman today is Linda D. Lee, the CEO of LL Media Group, LLC®, a Personal Development Consultancy company specializing in Emotion Management Strategies located in Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas. “I/Embrace & I/Educate (TM)”, is a catalyst for her global vision pertaining to freedom from mental bondage in life, business and career. She is

Our Wednesday Wonder Woman today is Linda D. Lee, the CEO of LL Media Group, LLC®, a Personal Development Consultancy company specializing in Emotion Management Strategies located in Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas. “I/Embrace & I/Educate (TM)”, is a catalyst for her global vision pertaining to freedom from mental bondage in life, business and career. She is the facilitator of Back 2 Basic Seminar, Who Can Find a Virtuous Woman Workshops and Sexual Immorality Seminars. All of which, enrich others in how to build healthy relationships. As an author, mentor, evangelist, preacher and activist, she provides revelatory knowledge in Purity, Abstinence and Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) Alternative Ceremonies. As a survivor of multiple violations against her body, she is highly sought after to speak on taboo subjects involving sexual immorality. Her book, “In Bed with a Snake”, has received four holistic endorsements and been taught by some faith-based establishments. She will be the keynote speaker at Empowerment Relationship Clinic, May 26, 2018 in London, UK. Her presentation will include personal development nuggets from her book, How to Divorce a Curse, identifying triggers and root causes. Let’s get a better understanding of Linda and her work below.

Fancy: How would you describe your swagher? What makes Linda, Linda?

Linda: As the CEO of LL Media Group, LLC, I would describe my “swagher” in a simplistic way. I am a Personal Development Consultant with cross-functional expertise in emotion management strategies, diversity, ethics, integrity, active listening and barriers, mindfulness, motivational theories, values and attitudes along with communication. I have more than fifteen years of experience in customer service and more than ten years’ experience facilitating interpersonal development workshops and flash-mentoring fostered by principles and disciplines of emotional intelligence. I am an international speaker, award-winning author and trainer for Ghana, Africa educational system. As an activist for women’s rights, Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) Alternative Ceremonies and Purity/Abstinence Sustainability Ceremonies are included in my Kingdom vision for success. Another international element is scheduled for 2019 in Mozambique, Africa, where Purity Workshops will take place with host Dr. Lindie Sanders. The main focus will be centered around building healthy relationships. The leadership and entrepreneurial knowledge received, as a result of being under expert business mentors John C. Maxwell, Dr. Princess Fumi Hancock, and Wendy Wiley-Alexander, will add value to developing next generation global influencers.

Through my mentorship, systematic development services have been provided free for years, until now. As a result of this volunteerism, I am a two-time recipient of the President Obama Volunteer Service Award and received the Honorable County Commissioner Roy C. Brooks “Literacy in the Community” Proclamation.

One Urban Dictionary acronym for “swag” is “stuff we all get.” It sometimes applies to giveaways intended for promotional purposes. When it comes to my “swagher” I would have to admit this definition is a resemblance of myself. Meaning, my characteristic as a servant leader naturally is to give back to society freely (from my heart) in exemplifying professional development. Leading by example is a strong characteristic for an entrepreneur. Indeed, when you have overcome traumatic experiences, as I have, you desire to be a catalyst and voice for the voiceless while impacting the lives of others. I am a survivor of rape, fondling, intimate partner violence (IPV), just to name of few; my future seemed dreary and unfulfilled. Miraculously, a few epiphany moments changed my life and shifted my mindset forever. My “swagher” today as an emerging entrepreneur looks and feels like: dominion, order, discipline, structure, power, and authority!

To delve deeper into my “swagher” history, we must travel back to 1921 Tulsa “Black Wall Street”.  There you will find the name Dr. R. T. Bridgewater, assistant county physician. He represented the compassionate elite with fortune, fame and owner of seventeen houses in the Greenwood district. As a Bridgewater descendent, my passion for personal development was renewed after being reminded of Dr. Bridgewater’s story. I can only imagine what attributes his linage placed in him as an entrepreneur and leader. Now I want to impart this “freedom” to all, especially women, of diverse backgrounds that they can achieve whatever they desire! Their “swagher” has unlimited growth possibilities.

If I did a S.W.O.T. Analysis on myself “transparency, discipline, and order” would be listed as my strengths. It is a culmination of who I am and part of the foundation within my integrity. As a faith-based business, I know WHO I am and WHOSE I am. God is my source and his favor and grace has sustained me and this business from its inception under Covered Ministries and Structured Disciplines, LLC. Who am I? I/Embrace & I/Educate ™ people on freedom from mental bondage in life, business, and career. What I found to be true in business, more people are stagnated by suppressed issues and mindsets that affect their decisions in life. All of which, affect their relationships. This is where my gifting is activated to identify triggers and root causes so they can be better leaders, speakers, and coaches. What makes Linda, Linda is my desire to empower them into new mindsets toward their purpose. My joy comes when I help others take authority over their mindset and manifest greatness using the principles and strategy plans I design for them. Then and only then, is my assignment complete and I feel fulfilled.

Fancy: Tell us a little about your book, In Bed with a Snake and what inspired it.

Linda: In Bed with a Snake; From Defilement to Deliverance of Sexual Demons, was inspired and birth from two dreams I had many years ago; once as a youth and later as an adult. I did not know anything about demonic spirits or dreams during that season of my life. The book is my testimony of deliverance, divorce from a husband who was on the down-low, and breaking of generational curses. Both dreams started and ended the same way. In short, I was sleep in bed and felt something moving next to my leg. It was shaped like a snake, so I started kicking at it before waking up in a panic. I jumped up, turned the light on, and pulled the covers back to examine the bed. Today I know these were warning and deliverance dreams. Later God sent a prophetess to warn me that my lifestyle would kill me if I continued in it. Now that I am stronger, I am back to assist others in personal development in the natural and minister to their soul spiritually with both books and others tools.

Fancy: What topics do you typically speak on?

Linda: Internationally, I spoke and taught on sexual immorality. Locally, my speaker topics include:  Marriage, Relationships, Order and Discipline, HIV/AIDS, Domestic Violence, Singleness, and Human Trafficking. Preparation is being made to incorporate more leadership and relational speaking engagements on how to change our thought patterns. That is my ultimate goal in personal development…. freedom from mental bondage.

Fancy: We know you facilitate the following events: Back 2 Basic SeminarWho Can Find a Virtuous Woman Workshops and Sexual Immorality Seminars. Please explain the purpose of the Back 2 Basics and Sexual Immorality Seminars. 

Linda: The seminars are faith-based and work in collaboration with a church or group organization. They introduce or reintroduction basic life-skill breakout sessions catered to women and young girls. I wanted to lead by example as an older woman teaching a younger one: health care, healthy cooking, sewing, and fashion. The seminar was founded on the Proverbs 31 Woman. As such, under each main topic the Holy Spirit identified other skills needed for a virtuous woman. It is always amazing to see women soar!

Fancy: You will be one of the speakers at Empowerment Relationship Clinic in London, UK in May. That’s awesome! How did you come about this opportunity and what will you be speaking on?

Linda: After attending a mastermind class under mentor Hancock, I saw a need in London UK, prayed, received confirmation, and decided to pursue a collaboration effort. I reached out to my vision sister Abimbola Lopez (Abby) who resides in London. Thus, the Empowerment Relationship Clinic was birth. Abby will be speaking on Unleashing the POWER of Communication and Divorce is NOT an option. I will be the keynote speaking on A Misdiagnosed Love Language and Covenant Marriage/Marriage Bed. Your readers are welcome to join us in London May 26! They can purchase their tickets through Eventbrite.

Fancy: Having experienced sexual assault, what advice would you give to others about overcoming?

Linda: The best advice I can give would be, get help as soon as possible. Do not delay! My family found out about my assaults right before my first book release. I wrestled with those spirits for over thirty years. Thank God for keeping me sane! Others need to know healing, forgiveness, counseling, and deliverance may be needed to purge and cleanse suppressed memories, especially, if they cannot seem to gain traction in their endeavors or have a pattern of dysfunctional toxic relationships. The trigger or root cause could be a soul-tie, generational curse, or mental instability. All of which, hinder a person’s growth. For we overcome the tactics of the enemy, by the blood of the Lamb AND the words of our testimony. You know you have overcome when you begin to share your testimony with others to bring God glory. This is the minimum level of overcoming. There is still more purging and cleansing that will be revealed over time.

Fancy: Do you have any other upcoming events or projects that you care to share?

Linda: Yes, I do. The Tutor ™ Relationship Tour will kick off May 26 in London UK. Then I will travel independently to the Love Fellowship Social, Corpus Christi, TX, June 23; California in August leading into the 2019 Mozambique, Africa Purity Workshop. However, my vision is to birth our first Purity Ceremony in Texas. Additional information regarding tickets will be located on my Facebook profile page and LL Media Group, LLC business page.

Fancy: Please share the best way for our readers to find you.

Linda: Popular social media platforms are the easiest way to reach me under Linda D. Lee (Bridgewater) or LL Media Group, LLC. Website: www.1lindadlee.com, Linktree: linktr.ee/1lindadlee, Phone: 1 + 817-962-2070. Thanks again, for allowing me to be featured in your prestigious “SwagHer” magazine.


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