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Wednesday Wonder Woman: Dannielle Smith-Lewis

Wednesday Wonder Woman: Dannielle Smith-Lewis

Dannielle Smith- Lewis is the CEO of  Budgeting2Banking, a financial literacy firm that believes in building a stronger community and her latest venture Bankable Diva Ent. Dannielle works with mothers and businesswomen everyday, who are looking for a way to have a stress-free financial life and build generational wealth for their families, but struggle to accomplish their financial

Dannielle Smith- Lewis is the CEO of  Budgeting2Banking, a financial literacy firm that believes in building a stronger community and her latest venture Bankable Diva Ent. Dannielle works with mothers and businesswomen everyday, who are looking for a way to have a stress-free financial life and build generational wealth for their families, but struggle to accomplish their financial goals due to having more month than money. Learn more about the Bankable Diva below.

Fancy: How would you describe your swagher? What makes Dannielle, Dannielle?

Dannielle: I would have to say my swagher consists of unique, creative, and energetic qualities, and everything that I have been through has made me who I am. I am no longer shy when I tell my story, because so many women are going through what I went through. I can now stand in front of women from all walks of life and encourage them to keep pushing forward.

Fancy: Both of your brands, Bankable Diva and Budgeting2Banking, focus on money and financial literacy; please share how they came to be.

Dannielle: Well, after my ex-husband and I separated, I was on a path to destruction with my finances. I always let him deal with the money, which gave me a true disadvantage in life. At the time, I had to make sure my two children were taken care of, so I went back to learning the basics of finance and business management. After doing this, I came up with a system/program that helps women get out of their own way. Both companies were formed around those systems. Bankable Diva Ent. focuses on coaching women towards financial freedom by turning their ideas and current income into bankable business/side hustles. Budgeting2Banking Financial Literacy firm empowers women to take control of their current income and budget, while learning how to build generational wealth.

Fancy: You also have several books published. Tell us a little about them.  

Dannielle: I currently have two books published and one on the way. The business source “Guide for the New Business Woman” instructs women on how to turn that idea or stagnant side hustle into a bankable business. It starts out with helping them make sure they are ready to be business owners, which to me is very important. Statistics show 8 out of 10 businesses fail in the first 18 months, because we are not truly ready to be in business. Because of this, I walk them through a series of questions that help them figure out why and if they are ready. The book shows them how to register their business, get an EIN, research their competition/industry, brand themselves, find their ideal clients, and much more. My second published book is the “Financial Success Journal”. This book/journal helps women on a successful financial journey through affirmations, a step by step plan, to do lists, and much more. My last book will be focused on showing women how to price their products and services, simple bookkeeping, and learning how sales are not what make the business.

Fancy: How have things been going now that you are a published author?

Dannielle: Things have been going great. The book release has helped many women understand they are sitting on a jewel, and they now know they have someone that can show them how to get that jewel to shine.

Fancy: Why is it so imperative for women to take control of their finances?

Dannielle: Just speaking from my experience, taking control of your finances takes you from victim status to victor. We have all been taught that money is the root of all evil. In reality, money is an energy that allows you to take care of yourself and your family. If you don’t have control over those things EVERYONE suffers. Your life truly revolves around your finances. Everything you do, purchase or think of purchasing, must deal with your finances. It’s imperative that we have a steady hand on our finances.

Fancy: What are some takeaways from your coaching program?

Dannielle: The Making Money Moves coaching program teaches you how to budget better, self -repair your credit, track expenses, gain an edge over your current situation, and most importantly it gives you a financial literacy foundation. I equate having a financial literacy foundation to that of a newly constructed home. The foundation is the strongest part of the home. Even when storms destroy your home, the foundation is still there, which can help rebuild the home. Your financial foundation is the same way, as long as you know the basics of financial literacy, you can rebuild from whatever may come to destroy you.

The BOSS Moves Coaching program teaches focused productivity and planning, sales funnels and automation, on and offline marketing, growing your business online, profit planning, proposal writing, speaking for brand expansion, self-publishing and book writing, product planning, business event creation, pricing your way to a profit, and Ideal client searching. Clients walk away with an organized and workable plan that will guide them towards financial success.

Fancy: What do you think sets you apart?

Dannielle: Many things set me apart from other coaches and businesses. I am relatable. The situation I went through was/is the same issue many women face. I was once that woman looking at repossession letters, receiving multiple collection calls, and having business after business fail. I was once the exact person who now seeks out my help. I am also stern, but I teach what you need to hear, not what you want to hear. My program is not a one size fits all program. I help each client map out their business/finances first, and then we tackle each issue.

Fancy: What have you invested in the most for your business/brand?

Dannielle: My team… I have invested in individuals that can now help me accomplish what I need to accomplish. I was once that individual that believed a business works best with only my hands on it. Now, I take pride in knowing I have individuals in place that can help build the vision I see for both companies.

Fancy: What has been most challenging for you establishing yourself as a coach?

Dannielle: Getting women to understand they need a coach. Many tend to feel like they shouldn’t have to pay someone to help them get their finances/business in order. I always like to respond, in the most respectful way, that if you were able to do it on your own, you would have by now. It’s extremely hard to get us to understand that it’s ok to ask for help. Asking for help doesn’t make you weak; it makes you stronger and smarter. Why reinvent the wheel? Let someone who has been there teach you how not to do the things they did.

Fancy: When we spoke before you told us that mindset is very important. Do you mind reiterating that, because I think more people need to get this?

Dannielle: Yes, the part of the body that is most like a computer is the brain. It stores everything that makes you, you. This can be a good and bad thing, but the great news is that you can reprogram your mind towards success. The mind can play tricks on you. It can have you believing you are not worthy of financial success, because your family struggled. It can have you believing you will never succeed, because people see you as worthless. Let me say this, your mindset can be reprogrammed to believe ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE. You must make sure your mindset is always in a positive space. Practice daily affirmations, listen to motivational speaking, and get around like minded individuals to start reprogramming your mindset towards success.

Fancy: For the past few years, studies have shown more women are the breadwinners in their household and right now equal pay and pay gaps are heavy in the news. So it’s like we are financing more, yet making less. What are your thoughts on the matter?

Dannielle: When they won’t give it to you, go out and make it. Start a business, get creative. We must make our own way. It will take years, if not decades, for women to “maybe” get equal pay. However, our bills and life situations will not stop coming. We can bridge our gap by becoming business owners. Studies show that women owned businesses are growing at an astronomical rate. We do understand the concept, that if they won’t give you what you are worth, you go out and show them what you are worth. We know better than anyone how to make ends meet, but when you are tired of just making ends meet, go out and make your money, make you money.

Fancy: With tax season upon us, we must ask you to share some tips for our readers to better allocate their funds this year.

Dannielle: Pay down high interest debt.

Build your “rainy” day cushion/emergency fund.

Start/fund that business you have wanted to start.

Purchase life insurance.

Start a college fund for your children.

Fancy: Please share any upcoming events or projects you are working on.

Dannielle: There are quite a few events coming up… I will be on a five city book tour… New Orleans, La.; Atlanta, Ga.; Dallas, Tx.; Alexandria, La.; and Jackson, Ms. I will be hosting Boss Moves Brunches and Making Money Moves Workshops in various cities, so definitely be on the lookout for those. I am getting a Bankable Divas’ Retreat together for my ladies who are ready to get out of their own way and succeed in the business industry. So, yes, it will be a busy year. If I do any other events besides what’s listed, the events can be found on my website under the Events tab.

Find and follow Dannielle on various platforms…

Website: www.bankablediva.com

Instagram: @bankable_diva or @bankabledivaent

Facebook: @bankabledivas

Twitter: @bankablediva

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