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  • Wednesday Wonder Woman: Taurell Nicole Butts

    Wednesday Wonder Woman: Taurell Nicole Butts0

    Taurell Nicole Butts is a community activist, child advocate, and the CEO of Successful Women Achieving Goals, Inc. She believes in the concept “together we can” and takes the motto wherever she may go.  Since 2013, Taurell has worked for the Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA) national association. Though her first case was challenging, she won

  • Wednesday Wonder Woman: Linda Lee

    Wednesday Wonder Woman: Linda Lee0

    Our Wednesday Wonder Woman today is Linda D. Lee, the CEO of LL Media Group, LLC®, a Personal Development Consultancy company specializing in Emotion Management Strategies located in Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas. “I/Embrace & I/Educate (TM)”, is a catalyst for her global vision pertaining to freedom from mental bondage in life, business and career. She is

  • Wednesday Wonder Woman: Dannielle Smith-Lewis

    Wednesday Wonder Woman: Dannielle Smith-Lewis0

    Dannielle Smith- Lewis is the CEO of  Budgeting2Banking, a financial literacy firm that believes in building a stronger community and her latest venture Bankable Diva Ent. Dannielle works with mothers and businesswomen everyday, who are looking for a way to have a stress-free financial life and build generational wealth for their families, but struggle to accomplish their financial