B&E News: Here’s How You Can Help Libya, Russell Simmons Accused of Sexual Assault & Steps Down, Trump Makes Racial Slur

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If You are Outraged by Libya, Here’s How You Can Help Many of us are at loss for words as we watch and learn more of modern day slavery taking place in Libya. For those wondering what they can do, Read more

Justice for Lai Dai Han


Allegations are continuing to emerge that during the Vietnam War a number of Vietnamese women suffered sexual exploitation at the hands of some of the South Korean soldiers serving alongside US forces, and that as a result, many of these Read more



This week, Essence’s Yes, Girl! podcast will feature a revealing and lively conversation with actress and author Gabrielle Union. During the podcast’s first live-audience taping on Monday, the Being Mary Jane starlets loose on everything—including her new book, We’re Going to Need More Wine; the Harvey Weinstein scandal; championing sexual freedom for Read more

Princess Shaw Presents Life Afterwards

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While Princess Shaw published her videos on YouTube for years, Samantha Montgomery was introduced to the world, when the documentary she starred in, Presenting Princess Shaw was released last year. The documentary follows the meeting of Montgomery, whose stage name Read more

#FancysThoughts: The Conversations Keneeka Jenkins’s Death is Sparking


By now we all have heard of the unfortunate death of Keneeka Jenkins, the 19-year old, who according to the Chicago police, died over the weekend after “accidentally walking into a freezer”. While most of us agree that we don’t Read more

X-Posed: Domestic Violence


  Domestic violence is an epidemic that is grossly spreading all over the world at alarming rates.  The local news of every city in the country reports weekly, if not daily, of this horrific abuse.  The Center for Disease Control Read more

Transformation Tuesday: Michelle On How She Recovered From Her Attack During Basic Training


My story begins during basic training,when I was sexually assaulted by a male soldier. I never knew who my attacker was, but i can describe him exactly. He burst into my room and grabbed me and forced me down on Read more

Survivor: Shade Ashani

by: Fancy Whether young or old, some women will always be a daddy’s girl, and no man can ever take their father’s place, but it is becoming far too common for young girls to grow up without their fathers nowadays. Read more