Gossip is Not a Lover


Gossip is not a lover!  Slander, defamation of character, lies, half-truths and complete truth is a terrible playground for gossip.  As a young girl, I remember sharing secrets with friends that I thought was juicy news but later found out Read more

From the Desk of a Diva: 2 Tips For Confidence

Self confidence can open many doors for the ambitious individual. Unfortunately, most of struggle with it. While listening to a TED talk I heard these awesome tips and just had to share. Repeatedly step out of your comfort zone and Read more

What It Is Beauty

What is beauty?Surely it can’t be defined by lines and curvesdrawn on the blue lines on a piece of paper.NaahBeauty was created by nature!So how can man define what was created by something other than himself?You know what I think Read more

Survivor: Shade Ashani

by: Fancy Whether young or old, some women will always be a daddy’s girl, and no man can ever take their father’s place, but it is becoming far too common for young girls to grow up without their fathers nowadays. Read more

Itz Jus Swagher: What’s Your Spiritual Swag

What’s your spiritual swag? First off, I would like to thank SwagHer Magazine for this opportunity to speak what’s on my heart and what GOD gives me.  This month’s article is going to be something a little different, I dedicate Read more