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  • Love Your Way Through It

    Love Your Way Through It0

    Is it selfish to say that I don’t have room for selfish people in my life? Because I don’t. My year of 2018 will be prosperous, because seeds have been planted. Not just within my brands, but within just about everyone that has come in contact with me. Don’t get me wrong, I’m no saint.

  • Dear Soon To Be Old Friend

    Dear Soon To Be Old Friend0

    Submitted by NaKisha King-Graves Wife, Mother, Author & Certified Gift Opener™  www.madamcupid.com www.kidzstuff.org

  • New Year, New Me…Really, What Are You Changing???

    New Year, New Me…Really, What Are You Changing???0

    Every year we hear the “New year, new me”, “This year is my year” spill from the same ole people, doing the same ole things. What are you changing and how are you planning to make these things happen. I must admit, when I was younger I used to say this same spill and didn’t