Tell Me Something Tuesday: He is so fine. Should I block him?


I’ve been in love with this gorgeous, black, tall, handsome, thick man for over 20 years. He was the one that I claim got away. I’m divorced and he’s divorced and things just came together in the best way ever. He does Read more

Dear CRF, Is It Possible To Go From Friends With Benefits to a Relationship

Dear CRF, “I been talking to this guy since August. At that time he just got out of a relationship, knew I wanted one but he wasn’t ready. We still talked and got together several times but then I ended Read more

Tell Me Something Tuesday-I’m married to a woman, but now I want a man. What should I do?


I fell in love with a woman, for the first time, 10 years ago, in spite of my religious beliefs. Our relationship has been amazing, this woman means the world to me. She’s everything I’ve ever dreamed of and more, but there Read more

Dear RCF: What If Marriage is My Goal?

‪ Dear CRF‬, “Marriage is the goal for some people and not for others. With that being said, would you date someone knowing that they are looking for a level of companionship (not marriage) with the hopes of changing their mind? Or Read more

Dear CRF: Should I Care?

Dear Code Red Flag, Should I care that my man watches porn? Is it really bad? CRF Response The only person who can answer that question is you. There are some couples who incorporate porn into their intimate relationships. Then Read more

Dear CRF: I Don’t Love Him

Dear CRF, “I have been with my man for 15 years. I found out he’s been cheating for the last 2 yrs paying her bills. She’s not the only one there have been others in the last 2 years. I Read more

One Fab Sip & Shop BET Hip Hop Awards weekend 2014


On Friday, September 19th One Fab Sip & Shop kicked off the BET Hip Hop Awards weekend in Atlanta with a vendors sip and shop and influencer gifting lounge. Major sponsors included Grey Goose, Dusse, Sweet Bitch Wines and Beautiful Read more

Dear CRF, Is He In A Relationship?

  ‪DEAR CRF‬, “Here’s my new question. There’s a guy that works at the grocery store near my job. For months he’s been giving me looks, asking me how i am and asking to hang out, if i have a Read more

Dear CRF, My Children Live With An Addict

Dear CRF, “I am divorced and my teenaged children live primarily with their mom and I get to have them often as well. My Ex and I get along well and there is no animosity between us. Recently, she and Read more

Genesis Speaks: But I Know I Love Men…

Dilemma: …..okay, this is the question: what’s going on when the only time I get aroused by myself is when I watch flicks with two women….the ones with a man and a woman don’t turn me on, but I know Read more

On the Dime with Gogetta DeShai Cole

DeShai Cole

“I chose NOT to fall victim to my hardships, but to use my experience as motivation to create a better life for myself. My dream is to inspire ALL women to do the same.”-DeShai Cole  Whereas many see struggles as Read more

Lost in Luv: New Rules of the Game

  It amazes me how people are always trying to give advice – relationships, life, and children, but  they are never willing to listen to someone or take their own advice. I see some of the same people on Facebook Read more

Lost in Luv: Letting Go

by: Antonio “Mr. Passion” Starks Letting go does not mean we do not care. Letting go does not mean we shut down. Letting go means we stop trying to force outcomes and make people behave. It means we give up Read more

Lost in Luv: You Don’t Have to be Dogged to Find the Definition of Love

by: Antonio” Mr. Passion” Starks For people who want to be in a relationship, understand that life is about the choices you make. A decision today could affect you for eternity. Always think long and slow about love. Love is Read more