Annie Bell Fragrances’s Fallon Johnson, Millennial on Fire

It’s nothing like some quiet time with a glass of wine and a aromatherapy scent to fill the air! Seriously, I do it all the time. Now that we have set the atmosphere, let’s get back to that aromatherapy scent Read more

My Rock Bottom Will Get Him To the Top


“Success is walking from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm”- Winston Churchill Mompreneurs are the most sacrificial creatures on earth, especially single moms who I represent. Sacrificing time with our family, friends, but most importantly our child(ren). Entrepreneurship Read more

From the Desk of a Diva: Stop Playing With Social Media

It’s a beautiful day right? Of course it is! Another day to grow your successful business. You’re probably figuring out your next business move or next event to attend or even adding new products and/or services. Which are all GREAT Read more