From the Desk of a Diva: 5 Tips For a Productive Week (2)

Greetings, Happy Monday! Lately, I have been struggling to adjust to all the changes I have made in the past month like, health, new place, and I am now fully self employed again. It’s scary, but I refuse to fail, Read more

5 Life Hacks For Productivity

At this point, we all should have adapted to the fact that we can be busy and but not necessarily productive, which means we are investing time into situations, with little to no real outcome. This can lead to imbalance Read more

CEO Chatter: 4 Tips For a Productive Meeting

With all the technology we have today, meetings almost seem obsolete in some fields, but I still think they can be great for sharing information and ideas and getting the team excited. Here are four tips for a productive meeting. Read more

From the Desk of a Diva: 4 Tips for a Productive Day

If you are a diva who keeps a great deal on her plate, then we suggest you try these four tips to increase your productivity throughout the day. 1. Begin your morning with some form of exercise. Studies show that Read more