B&E News: “Get Out” Nomination is an Insult, Trump’s Impeachment, & More

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“Get Out” Nomination for Best Comedy is an Insult Yesterday, it was announced that Universal Studios submitted Jordan Peele’s “Get Out” as a comedy for the Golden Globes, and many were not pleased, including Peele. In an interview with IndieWire Read more

Jeff Sessions at a Loss for Words on Issues Impacting African-Americans

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During his hearing today, Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III completely fumbled his answers to questioning on his department’s treatment of African-Americans, specifically in regard to black representation at the DOJ’s senior levels and a heinous FBI report on so-called “black identity Read more



(WASHINGTON, D.C.) November 8, 2017: It’s been one year since Donald Trump shocked the nation by becoming the 45th President of the United States; however, last night’s 2017 election proved that change is coming! From coast to coast, television screens Read more

What has Chokwe Antar Lumumba accomplished in first 100 days?

The Jackson City Council - with few exceptions - has stood behind Mayor Chokwe Antar Lumumba's picks for top city posts. The council unanimously confirmed Lt. Col. Lucius Wright at a recent city meeting. (Photo: Justin Vicory)

Newly elected Jackson Mayor Chokwe Antar Lumumba continues to prove — above all else — that he will be the face of social change in the city his father once fought with and then for. The son of late Mayor Chokwe and Nubia Lumumba, Read more



(WASHINGTON, DC) October 17, 2017: On Sunday, activist Tamika Mallory, who is the co-chair of the Women’s March, was flying from Miami back to her home in New York City. As an American Airlines platinum member Mallory exercised the benefits of her card by switching her Read more

#FancysThoughts: This Journalist’s Tweet Just Broke Down Trump’s Perspective of Black Athletes


First let me say, I am so proud of the Black athletes like, Steph Curry and Lebron James, who have spoken out since Trump made his comment about firing the players who kneel. I love it.  I don’t follow sports Read more

#FancysThoughts: That Time Jermichael Finley Forgot He IS Black


Earlier this week, former Green Bay Packers tight end Jermichael Finley took to Twitter to share his disgruntled thoughts on Black players speaking on social injustice and politics, and his wife, who is white politely shut him down. In his Read more

Two Clay County Officials Fired After Referring To  First Lady Michelle Obama As An “Ape”


The director of Clay County Development Corporation and the mayor of Clay  in West Virginia have both been fired after making a hateful post on Facebook. After Trump won the election last Tuesday night, Pamela Ramsey  Taylorthe director of Clay Read more

Young Voices: Shaquan McDowell Explains Why This Election Is So Important


Shaquan McDowell is a 20 year old Junior at Brandeis University, who is committed to ensuring that this division and downward spiral of our country is halted, through an organization which he heads, known as The Purple Party. We talked Read more

Black Denham Springs  Student Says School Knew Trump Banner Would Be Hung During Scottlandville Game  


Last night we shared the story of Denham Springs High hanging a Trump banner during their game against Scottlanville Magnet High School in Baton Rouge, LA. This morning one of the students Leasya Monique shared the school officials knew that the Read more

#FancysThoughts: Why I Decided to Register to Vote


  If you follow my Instagram, you may have noticed I’ve been conflicted about voting in this election. I have publicly said more than once I don’t care for either presidential candidate, neither really speaks to me, nor do I Read more

The Joke Is On Us…LAHH: Presidential 

I had no intentions of watching the presidential election debate last night but after all the excitement online, I decided to tune in. Today, I feel no different toward either candidate. Yet as I watched last night and saw so Read more