Don’t Be Jealous, Just Attend Curl Envy Co’s Pop Shop

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Curl Envy Co has been creating quite the buzz in the city. This weekend everyone can see what the buzz is about at their Curl Envy Co Pop Up Shop in Atlanta, GA. Curl Envy Co’s Pop Up Shop tomorrow Read more

Event Recap: Mississippi Natural Hair Expo


I always say the natural hair community is a different beast, because the decision to “go natural” or as some prefer “return to natural” requires transitioning and a deeper look at one’s self. For many of us, the beginning can Read more

Camille Rose Naturals Debuts Urban Rose Art Collection

Piece #5: Top Bun Camille Rose Naturals debuted their Urban Rose Art Collection illustrated by Philece R. of That Artista Philece R. on Instagram today. We absolutely love the pieces, as do our followers! Check it out! Piece 4#: Product Read more