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Sex is a natural part of human life.  We don’t have to deny it and we shouldn’t feel ashamed to talk about it.  As women, we’ve been so conditioned to think a certain way and act a certain way to Read more

The Black Woman Is Broken (5)

Everywhere I look in society there is something new telling me, what is wrong with me. Clearly, I am broken and in need of being fixed. Essays on my attitude, my hair, my love life and more. Everyone can tell Read more

You Want That “Obama Love”?

obama love

  After watching the farewell from President Barack Obama, the love bug has been in an uproar. Social media is in a frenzy and people are convinced that’s the love you want. But, how?! What’s black love anyway?  Let me Read more

The Illiusion of STRENGTH

Strength (1)

One of the biggest issues many of us face in our relationships as African Americans is the stigma of always needing to be strong. Most really have no idea what true strength involves. We sometimes throw being strong into our self-description; along with titles Read more

Love and Social Media


There are so many opinions when it comes to sharing our romantic relationships on social media.  Is there a such thing as too much?  In my opinion, of course there is.  Many of us love to celebrate those that we Read more

Bizzemo Talks Love & Business

SwagHerPromo1 (1)

Owners of Bizzemo, the largest directory for minority owned businesses, takes over SwagHer Magazine’s Instagram on Valentine’s Day 2017. Listen to what Christina and Derrick Francis have to say and be sure to check them out at Share this:

Author Spotlight: Ty A. Patterson


Ty A. Patterson is a writer, motivational speaker, entertainer and entrepreneur. Her first book entitled “Southern Jewel: The Elements Within” was released in 2014. She is the owner of the home décor shop Phenomenal Gifts and creator of Pretty Personality Ministries, which Read more

Marriage, I Didn’t Sign Up for That!

Marriage is not only a union; marriage falls under several sub-categories.  Marriage consists of the following: Ministry Business deal Commitment Journey Hurt Loss Victory Hard work Marriage is not to be entered into lightly nor should it be discarded like Read more

Love’s Identity Theft

Loving you doesn’t mean that I have to lose my identity!  How many times have you found yourself in a relationship and the “honeymoon” stage had everything looking so wonderful as cupid’s arrows shot into your heart? However, as time Read more

The Single Life, This is Not a Game!


So you’re living the single life, huh?  Well let me add my two cents on why your single life is the best time of your life! Being single is more than a title or a label people put on you; Read more

Celibacy! Can You Wait?


So 2017 is fast approaching, and one of your top resolutions is shutting down the cookie and to wait for Mr. Right or at least for him to put a ring on it. While the idea seems easy enough, the Read more

Event Recap: “Traces of Her Lipstick”


On Saturday, October 29th, at the Balzer Theater, in downtown Atlanta, Book Publisher and Playwright – Ardre Orie presented her newest episodic stage play, Lipstick Monologues: Traces of Her Lipstick, in front of a sold out audience. Traces of Her Lipstick, was Read more

Mommy Master Class by The Pink Evolution Event Recap


Last weekend The Pink Evolution hosted the Mommy Master Class for mom and mompreneurs at Jola’s Joyful Events in Atlanta, GA. While The Pink Evolution founder, Shevon Jones was also a speaker, Rachel Kalukango-Harris (author/speaker/ marriage coach) emceed the event. Read more

Beach Wedding: What 2 Wear 

Couples nowadays are heading to the islands to have their dream wedding.  Beach weddings are fun and relaxing and your attire should fit right in with the atmosphere.  You want to pack colorful and lightweight clothing to beat the heat. Read more

RELATIONSHIPS 101: One Ring To Change Your Life

blog ring power

Yes! Yes! and Yes again! We have all been seeing the engagements hot and heavy since December all over social media. Some of them are “awww” so sweet while others are a “uh okay”. Now either way that moment when Read more

Tell Me Something Tuesday-I’m married to a woman, but now I want a man. What should I do?


I fell in love with a woman, for the first time, 10 years ago, in spite of my religious beliefs. Our relationship has been amazing, this woman means the world to me. She’s everything I’ve ever dreamed of and more, but there Read more

Is Sex Keeping You Single?


  “Why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free?”  I remember the first time I heard that phrase.  I was a child listening to two women gossip.  I thought that there was a real cow involved.  Read more

Tell Me Something Tuesday: Why is he giving me two minutes? I’m at my sexual peak…


Well, I’m sick of the two minute love making. Since he’s turned 40 we have 30 minutes of oral sex and 2 minutes of penetration, if that. I mean how much licking and sucking can a person take? Our love Read more

Dear RCF: What If Marriage is My Goal?

‪ Dear CRF‬, “Marriage is the goal for some people and not for others. With that being said, would you date someone knowing that they are looking for a level of companionship (not marriage) with the hopes of changing their mind? Or Read more