Stand Still & Know

There are so many things coming at me at one time that I have to laugh. Last night I dreamed that I was giving my testimony of life to a mass of people. Suddenly I found myself crying and caught Read more

Make Life Work for You

Everyone goes through those times when we feel that everything is going wrong. More than we know have gone most their lives thinking this way, myself included, but the truth of the matter is the less self hatred we have Read more


    TODAY: I give thanks and gratitude for my natural talent for acting in the industry called Life! Oh yes I have played so many roles on and off screen that I lost my own ‘identity’ at times! “What Read more

TODAY: Earth’s Chessboard

I give thanks as I realized that I am learning to play chess! I give thanks for understanding how each member on a chess board represents Life and has a purpose to move you from one stage to the next. Read more