Foot Kandy Launch Recap


Atlanta Radio and VH1 Tough Love Personality Jae Nash recently launched her Foot Kandy Brand. Foot Kandy Gel Inserts are Fun Shaped Inserts (shoe pads) that provides extra cushion to alleviate the painful pressure at the ball of the foot. Read more

Love & Hip Hop Art & Charity Event


  ATLANTA, GA – OCTOBER 7, 2014- Antoine Donte, as he shows his artistry in Atlanta, GA to not only showcase his skills, but to also help support the Charity Mavens Foundation. Tonight Antoine Donte, showcased his paintings of the Read more

I Thought It Was You

When I received the call, my heart dropped, I couldn’t talk. Disbelief covered my being. Tears rolled down my face. I looked in the mirror and couldn’t believe what I was seeing. And to think I was angry with you. Read more