3 Things To Do During the Holiday Season

Black People during the holidays

Yay the Holiday Season is upon us. I just love the Christmas season, don’t you?  Singing, “The snow is fallin’ and friends are callin’ yoohoo”. Gingerbread smell in the air and the weather is chilled. Kids with their lists and Read more

Giving Back! Is It From the Heart Or Is Their an Art To It?

Traditionally we are in the holiday spirit and there are more holiday parties and donation events than ever. What does it really mean? Who benefits from it? Is it all for show? Great questions!!! Let’s chat!!!! As a female human Read more

Single Bells, Single Bells


  Hi everyone, I am Tinzley, Author of the Settle-Free Dating Method for Women and also known as ‘The Love Mama”. I help women bounce back from devastating break ups, abusive relationships and low dating confidence. I thought I’d share Read more