Start Your Week Off Right: 35 Affirmations To Change Your Life

When I first began my inner peace journey, I began with affirmations and much reading. I used affirmations to change my thought process. The word “affirmation” derives from the Latin word, affirmare, originally meaning “to make steady, strengthen.”  Through repetition Read more



No man is an island or woman for that matter.  A lot of people are going through life happily single or miserably married without realizing that you can have both.  Yes, you too can be happily married.  I know, I Read more

I Love Who I See

Bikini girl portrait

Do you want to re-create you? Re-invent you? Make you over? Well, its time for change. Everyday we look in the mirror and we complain about the person who stands before us. I’m too short… I’m too tall…I’m too stout…I’m Read more

Create Your Own Happiness

  Have you ever seen something and wanted it? Did that image run around in your mind daily? Thoughts of tasting it, smelling it, visions of you with it. You spoke of it, you saw it and viola it became yours. I’m Read more


TODAY: I am grateful and thankful for being in love with JOY! Everyday this week I awoke and felt this deep rooted sense of wholeness that I soon discovered was…JOY! I did not do anything as far as I know, Read more

TODAY: Confidence

TODAY: I am grateful and thankful to and for having CONFIDENCE! The late great Marcus Garvey spoke out that “If you have no CONFIDENCE in self, you are twice defeated in the race of LIFE. With CONFIDENCE you have WON Read more

Who’s Loving You?

by: Karlyn Leblanc Are you happy with you? Look at yourself in the mirror and love everything about you. Everyone should feel comfortable with themselves. Strip down to your birthday suit and study your body, remembering God created you. Then Read more