Princess Shaw Presents Life Afterwards

presenting princess shaw

While Princess Shaw published her videos on YouTube for years, Samantha Montgomery was introduced to the world, when the documentary she starred in, Presenting Princess Shaw was released last year. The documentary follows the meeting of Montgomery, whose stage name Read more

Conversations With My 18-Year-Old Self

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  I often see posts on social media asking, what advice would you give your teenage self? My advice is always, love the boy. I don’t live a life of regret; many things I have experienced have been lessons. I Read more

Wednesday Wonder Woman: Kei LaGuins


  Kei LaGuins started her production company, Kei LaGuins Production, December of 2014. Kei wears many hats within the entertainment industry. She has put on a stage play, music events, and even a comedy event. This vibrant, gogetter is always writing and looking to collaborate Read more

How Fitness Boot Camp Is Saving Me


The relationship you have with yourself, sets the foundation for every other relationship you have in your life….It all boils down to how much do you love yourself? -Shelah Marie, Meditation Mixtape   Last week I started attending a fitness Read more

Matters of the Heart-Forgiveness

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Forgiveness, is a heart matter. It is essential to the healing process. Being able to forgive someone, first acknowledges there is a hurt that must be dealt with.  Next, it causes us to single out the person or thing that Read more

Think & Grow Chick Courtney Sanders Shares Her SwagHer and How She Grew a Powerhouse Brand


We all know Courtney Sanders as the Think and Grow Chick but learn more about Courtney’s swagher and how she built a powerhouse personal development brand inspired by Sanders’s own financial struggles and life experiences. How would you describe your Read more

D-I-S-C-I-P-L-I-N-E! Do You Know What That Means Man?


Have you ever wondered what the difference was between someone you see as being successful and yourself? Have you observed them and thought you were much smarter or more qualified? So why were they further ahead? I know it’s not Read more

#FancysThoughts: Follow Your First Mind 


Greetings, I don’t know how you all feel, but I feel like we are living some crazy times right now, times I never thought I’d see in my days. So needless to say, I’ve been slow to speak and even Read more

#FancysThoughts: 3 Events You Will Experience W/ “Enlightenment”


  We are now almost three weeks into the new year, and I can’t speak for everyone else, but I know a great deal has changed for me, but my desire to change and grow started long before the year Read more

3 Things You Don’t Do When Getting Your Life Together

I declined an invitation to a get together recently, with the reason of “I’m trying to get my life together.” I had given it much thought as to why I was not planning to attend, and while I had plenty Read more

From Fancy w/Love: I’ve Grown

Now that I have began to be out more, weekends are one of my favorite things, but this past weekend was rough after experiencing a breakup. Though older, breakups don’t seem to be getting any easier but the fact that Read more

Change Can Be Discouraging: 5 Tips for Making It Easier

So we are almost two weeks into the new year. How are your New Year’s resolutions going? I do not do holidays, but I enjoy New Year’s Day because it is an opportunity for a fresh start. I notice I Read more

9 Changes To Make in Your 30’s That Will Set You Up For Success According to BI

Business Insider lists these nine changes to make in your thirties that will set you up for success in an article entitled the same 9 Changes To Make in Your 30’s That Will Set You Up For Success by Mike Read more

#fancysthoughts: You Will Have To Save Yourself


    Something told me 31 might not go as planned when my birthday did not go as planned. I wanted it to be a special day, for once I wanted to treat myself and really enjoy others without any Read more

From the Desk Of a Diva: 5 Things I Have Learned After 5 Years In Business

  Today marks 5 years that SwagHer Magazine has been in business. It seems like longer and Lord knows a part of me feels that we should be so much further along, but I am proud of what we have Read more

From Fancy w/ Love: Separation Isn’t Bad

Whoever would have thought it would take me turning thirty to get to know myself. It seems as if there would be nothing new left to discover, but I have learned that to be wrong. The more I learn and Read more

She is Fancy

me in yellow at aloft

I am a fan of the She Linked Literary Arts & Poetry page on Facebook. Because I am a fan, I was chosen by another fan, Yvette Danielle, to receive a poem written by the page owner and writer, Laurinda Read more

Don’t Trade Your Authenticity

Peace be unto you all… I’ve been told more than once, I have no poker face what so ever and it’s nothing to read my thoughts from my face. Others have said my honesty is a little weird. While those Read more

4 Common Reactions to Those On an Inner Peace Journey

    When I began my inner peace journey almost six years ago, I was very excited. I understood it might take a while to get wherever the journey was taking me, or at least I thought I understood, but Read more

Transformation Tuesday Testimony: Proactivity

Yesterday was a real test for me, because I was having major car problems. For most people that is not a big deal, but for me it is because most of my family is out of state, and other than Read more