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  • DLee is Making Sure No Author Is Left Behind

    DLee is Making Sure No Author Is Left Behind0

    Atlanta, GA (February 20, 2018)- The Authors In Business National Tour presented by DLee Inspires, LLC kicks off this weekend with its first stop at the Georgia Aquarium. This event is a great combination of a meet and greet/book signing/networking event for authors who are looking to grow. Desiree Lee, founder of DLee Inspires, LLC

  • MANdatory Awareness: Reginald Gant

    MANdatory Awareness: Reginald Gant0

    Our MANdatory Awareness feature holds a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Baltimore and is very active in his community. As an author, speaker, trainer, and consultant, Reginald Gant, loves to educate, inspire and equip others through personal development, professional development, training/workshops or speaking engagements. He and his wife, Hennither, are the co-owners of Career

  • How To Move On Without Being Bitter

    How To Move On Without Being Bitter0

    It’s 2018, everybody! We made it! Well, for those of you who’ve been following me for a while, you know that I’m recently divorced and as such, I try to spread positivity and give encouragement to ladies who are in situations similar to my own. I talked about this before on a Facebook live video,

  • Arise Queen

    Arise Queen0

    Hey Queen! Sitting over there. Yeah! You with the blank stare. Why do you look so dismayed with that look of pain on your face? Hold your head up, because your crown has tilted and no need to sit bewildered. A Queen like you must know that you are Royalty, a chosen generation from now

  • Author Spotlight: Alicia Washington

    Author Spotlight: Alicia Washington0

    Alicia Washington is a single mother of two beautiful girls, who has gone through much hardship over the past few years. After a traumatic marriage separation and divorce, she began to experience the heartache and pain that a percentage of women go through in life. In 2013, God gave her a vision to launch an

  • 2018 Will Be Phenomenal

    2018 Will Be Phenomenal0

    It is imperative that we figure out, what it is that we really want. Do you want to spend more time with your family? Do you want to make more money? Funny thing is, most people don’t know what it is that they really want. They do what their family wants, or what society wants,