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  • Author Spotlight: Alicia Washington

    Author Spotlight: Alicia Washington0

    Alicia Washington is a single mother of two beautiful girls, who has gone through much hardship over the past few years. After a traumatic marriage separation and divorce, she began to experience the heartache and pain that a percentage of women go through in life. In 2013, God gave her a vision to launch an

  • Author Spotlight: Tanisha D. Mackin

    Author Spotlight: Tanisha D. Mackin0

    Author Tanisha D. Mackin is a woman tried refined by the fire.  The award-winning and 3x Bestselling author was widowed by the age of 31, and within in the same year diagnosed with colon-cancer, which she talks about in her book Still Standing. She would go on to write four other books of her own

  • Author Spotlight: Audrey Woodley

    Author Spotlight: Audrey Woodley0

    Audrey Woodley is a mother and teacher from the Westside of Chicago, who grew up without a father. She was raised by her mom Rita and grandmother Beatrice Sanders. Setting out to be extraordinary, Audrey graduated from Texas Southern University with a B.S in Mathematics and B.A. in School of Leadership. With her love for buying the latest