Black Men at Harvard Organize #ThankYouBlackWomen Campaign


A group of young Black men from Harvard are paying tribute to Black women in their own special way. Organized by Harvard basketball player, Zena Edosomwan, and photographer Sydney Claire, the project entitled #ThankYouBlackWomen is a short video comprised of Read more

3 Tips For Building a Prosperity Mindset


While I was initially concerned about the thought of Trump being president, I knew months ago that 2017 MUST be a better year for me, so Trump or not, I’m trying be as happy as KendallKyndall driving to work singing Read more

3 Ways to Invite Spirituality Into Your Life Daily


Getting in touch with your spirituality is not always easy with the hustle and bustle of everyday. It is hard to find the time to mediate at great lengths, read, journal, and practice whatever exercises you may wish to try Read more

November/December 2013 Letter From the Editor

my late

Greetings, As always, thanks for returning. In case you have not saw the reason for doing so before, we are now publishing bi-monthly while I am trying to finish this year of school. I apologize for the long wait to Read more

TODAY: Thrift

TODAY: I am thankful and grateful for the understanding and the influence of such a powerful insight to being THRIFT! Having a THRIFT attitude from a very early stage in your life puts you in good stead with the power Read more

From Fancy w/ Love: Gratitude

Greetings, I hope all is well.  I have been reading Louise Hay’s Gratitude, and it is such a great read. I think I probably should have read it before reading her “You Can Heal Your Life” because I now believe Read more