Itz Jus Swagher: Fashion is your inner style

by: Tamisa Hunter, CEO of JNiche I recently went through something that I was not expecting.  Although the initial news was good to me at the time, when I got home and was sitting in silence I then started pondering Read more

Lost in Luv: Does Your Relationship Include This?

by: Antonio “Mr. Passion” Starks Today ladies and gents remember the one thing that is going to lift you, when you feel down in the relationship or feel like you might want to give up is… GOD! Without God in Read more

Itz Jus Swagher: Your Fashion is Defined by Who You Are

by: Tamisa Hunter Fashion is one of many things everyone has in common.  Your style could be in season, out-dated or a combination of both; nevertheless, it’s all fashion. Many women wear clothes that make them feel good, or to Read more