Conversations With My 18-Year-Old Self

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  I often see posts on social media asking, what advice would you give your teenage self? My advice is always, love the boy. I don’t live a life of regret; many things I have experienced have been lessons. I Read more

Being Superwoman

black superwoman

What do you call a woman that truly does it all? Cooks. Cleans. Takes damn good care of her kids. Works a forty plus hour work week. Plus she’s always there for her family and friends whenever they need her, Read more

The Root of the Issue: Self Worth

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Recently, it appears that our youth are under attack! There seems to be an excessive amount of pressure on them especially concerning school. Among school pressure, the youth struggle to grasp the concept of self-worth and love that seemingly has Read more

RELATIONSHIPS 101: Who Are You Associating With?

Recently, I had a discussion with a friend of mine about a particular “business” person.  I always keep it real and anyone who knows me will vouch for that.  Where this person might be really good at business, their character Read more

What’s A Girl to Do? To Tell or Not to Tell

by: Fancy Not too long ago, while facebooking (if there’s such a word) I noticed a friend post about a problem she was having. She said she had saw another friend, a male, post a picture of himself with his Read more

From Fancy w/ Love: Givers and Takers

Greetings, I hope all is well in your world. Mine is improving.  The other day I came to a startling revelation. It really was not anything new. I had been told this before and even received some warnings, but always Read more