The Single Life, This is Not a Game!


So you’re living the single life, huh?  Well let me add my two cents on why your single life is the best time of your life! Being single is more than a title or a label people put on you; Read more

From the Desk of a Diva: There Won’t Be a Next One


I’ve finally taken the dive… again… but for real this time. Yes, I’ve quit my job and decided to run my businesses full time. Initially, I planned to wait until May, but my former job just was beginning to be Read more

Long Time No See

I hope you all are well and in prosperous spirits. I have been working really hard on my business and encouraging others to follow their dreams. I oftentimes wonder why so many people continue to live check to check and bury Read more

TODAY: Freedom

TODAY: I am grateful and thankful for I know that I walk in the power of FREEDOM! Oh Yes, FREEDOM! This is not a newness, though its meaning became heightened as I opened my Life and breathed in the air Read more