From the Desk of a Diva: Gaining the Edge Event Recap

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Last month Gaining the Edge hosted its first business conference at the Municipal Center in Baker, Louisiana. The free event focused on four major sectors of business, human resources, finance, marketing, and legal. Speakers included the following: Welcome- LaTania Anderson Read more

Questions to Ask a Person of Interest

There’s always something to learn from an older sister. Recently, I was talking with a friend and she was telling me about a guy that she was seriously interested in, but after the second date, she stopped pursuing him or Read more

November/December 2013 Letter From the Editor

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Greetings, As always, thanks for returning. In case you have not saw the reason for doing so before, we are now publishing bi-monthly while I am trying to finish this year of school. I apologize for the long wait to Read more

Wednesday’s Wonder Woman: Tasha TNT

It’s been a little while, but we still have Wonder Women with stories to inspire, and today’s Wonder Woman is Tasha TNT aka Mystique Da Poet! Obviously she’s a poet, but she is also an author of From My Heart Read more

His Swagger: Quincy “Q” Quiett

Fancy interviews Good Life Productions owner, Quincy “Q” Quiett. How long have you been promoting concerts and events? I started out as a club owner (1st club in 2000). I’ve owned 4 clubs in the Baton Rouge area, having various Read more

Fashionable Fridays: Malika Edmonds

What inspired you to model? Right now in 2013 too many young girls idolize women who no longer empower each other or stand for something! There are less Oprah’s and more Nicki Minaj’s. In my field of work I see Read more

Transformation Tuesday Testimony: Dare to Take a Chance and Dream

old mcdonald's

Years ago when I managed at McDonald’s, I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life.  Though, I was a teenager by this time of course, I had not been many places, and all I knew was Read more

Make Life Work for You

Everyone goes through those times when we feel that everything is going wrong. More than we know have gone most their lives thinking this way, myself included, but the truth of the matter is the less self hatred we have Read more

A VUE From Both Sides: Gogetta, Valaira Sa-Ra

Most young girls dream of being a model one day, but this gogetta dreamed of being a model, became one, and then realized the errors made in the midst of productions and decided to go behind the scenes to plan Read more

Love with Your Heart, Not With Your Hands

People often tell me they would not share as much as I do, but I have no problem with sharing, because you never know how your struggle can benefit someone else. This month I want to share my domestic violence Read more

Does Your Work Reflect YOUR Character?

by: Fancy In light of the passing of a friend, I have experienced mixed emotions. On one end, the thought of losing someone I know scares me, and the thought of them no longer being here on Earth with us Read more