How Fitness Boot Camp Is Saving Me


The relationship you have with yourself, sets the foundation for every other relationship you have in your life….It all boils down to how much do you love yourself? -Shelah Marie, Meditation Mixtape   Last week I started attending a fitness Read more

Wednesday Wonder Woman: Stephanie Brown Kegler


Stephanie Brown Kegler is the founder of Dancing Without Sin Fitness, LLC. Stephanie’s passion for fitness started when she recognized people who exercised on a regular hardly ever got sick.  The fitness industry was so much fun for her because Read more

#FancysThoughts: When You Learn To Control Your Breathing


After watching me watch Gabrielle’s SwagHer Fit videos in awe at at her commitment, my boyfriend decided to teach me how to lift weights and began walking (which I already did but have been slacking on due to work) and Read more

SwagHer Fit: Episode 3


Staying true to her word, Gabby shares her CrossFit training experiences with us and discusses why she enrolled in it and how she stays motivated. Do you have any CrossFit tips you care to share with Gabby? Tweet them to Read more

From the Desk of a Diva: 4 Tips for a Productive Day

If you are a diva who keeps a great deal on her plate, then we suggest you try these four tips to increase your productivity throughout the day. 1. Begin your morning with some form of exercise. Studies show that Read more

How to Start Anew or Over Again

Happy New Year! We hope your year is off to a great start, but keep in mind that most years start off a little crazy. Don’t get caught up like you did last year professing fitness goals and later abandoning Read more

Hard From the Yard

Physical fitness can be a daunting challenge for many of us. It’s no wonder the weight and health of the nation is rapidly changing and appears to be getting worse. I had never considered physical fitness a top priority until Read more

Rockin’ W/ Black Girls RUN!

by: Fancy From the moment I heard of Black Girls RUN! I was fascinated with the idea. I had recently stumbled upon a run that I did not know took place in downtown Baton Rouge, and the main thing that Read more