Matters of the Heart-Forgiveness

sonya arts

Forgiveness, is a heart matter. It is essential to the healing process. Being able to forgive someone, first acknowledges there is a hurt that must be dealt with.  Next, it causes us to single out the person or thing that Read more

How to mentally spring clean

Wash away that self doubt and negativity that’s been lingering over those cold, gray months. It’s warm again. Let the sunshine dry you.    Write out your current dreams and goals. Jot down and dust off any unique ideas you Read more

Lost in Luv: You Don’t Have to be Dogged to Find the Definition of Love

by: Antonio” Mr. Passion” Starks For people who want to be in a relationship, understand that life is about the choices you make. A decision today could affect you for eternity. Always think long and slow about love. Love is Read more

Morning Inspiration: Seasons

People’s presence in our lives are often referred to as seasons.  They gradually make their way in. Sometimes you notice, and sometimes you do not. Then they gradually drift away. It may seem like a bad thing but in actuality, Read more