Tuesday 10: Things To Know Before Getting a Divorce

10 Things To Know Before Getting a Divorce 1. Over 95% of divorce cases settle before they get to court. 2. Be sure to know your desired outcome. 3. Create a Divorce Mission Statement. 4. Know how to behave in Read more

“No Good Deed” Date Night in Atlanta

  The Scott’s from TLC’s “The Sisterhood” along with the rest of the cast from the Let’s Stay 2gether tour and The Real Power Couples of Atlanta are hosting Date Night tomorrow to watch “No Good Deed”  in Atlanta Georgia.  Read more

Lost in Luv: You Don’t Have to be Dogged to Find the Definition of Love

by: Antonio” Mr. Passion” Starks For people who want to be in a relationship, understand that life is about the choices you make. A decision today could affect you for eternity. Always think long and slow about love. Love is Read more

How to Ignite YOUR Love Spark Again

Marriages and long term relationships are failing daily due to routine schedules and boredom. Partners are not getting the attention they need, nor the excitement. In order to save your relationship, things have to be taken to another level, flames Read more