3 Things To Do During the Holiday Season

Black People during the holidays

Yay the Holiday Season is upon us. I just love the Christmas season, don’t you?  Singing, “The snow is fallin’ and friends are callin’ yoohoo”. Gingerbread smell in the air and the weather is chilled. Kids with their lists and Read more

Vegetarian Meal Ideas!

So my husband is basically vegetarian except for salmon 3 times a month, maybe. I am somewhere around 90% vegetarian, 9% pescetarian and 1% turkey/chicken. Tonight we all wanted spaghetti and meatballs. So…. Veggie spaghetti and eggplant meatballs!! You don’t have to be Read more

Gogetta: What’s Cooking With Chef Ameera

by: Fancy We all think we can throw down in the kitchen, but how many of us get paid to do so? Our gogetta this month, Chef Ameera Leguex does. The celebrity chef and founder of L. A. Girls DO Read more

Being Served by Rapperz Delight, Cashay Chanel

by: Fancy I love to find and connect with gogettas  within  my age range, so it does me great pleasure to introduce  another 80’s baby, Cashay Chanel, author, entertainer, and entrepreneur. Another similarity, Cashay is the author of Rapperz Delight: Read more