Dear CRF: Should I Care?

Dear Code Red Flag, Should I care that my man watches porn? Is it really bad? CRF Response The only person who can answer that question is you. There are some couples who incorporate porn into their intimate relationships. Then Read more

Dear CRF: I Don’t Love Him

Dear CRF, “I have been with my man for 15 years. I found out he’s been cheating for the last 2 yrs paying her bills. She’s not the only one there have been others in the last 2 years. I Read more

Dear CRF, My Children Live With An Addict

Dear CRF, “I am divorced and my teenaged children live primarily with their mom and I get to have them often as well. My Ex and I get along well and there is no animosity between us. Recently, she and Read more

This Convo is Dead

We all go through a time when our personal relationships are a little hectic, but like most things in life there is a time frame for such matters. For example usually we go to our best friends during these times. Read more