Dear CRF, Is It Possible To Go From Friends With Benefits to a Relationship

Dear CRF, “I been talking to this guy since August. At that time he just got out of a relationship, knew I wanted one but he wasn’t ready. We still talked and got together several times but then I ended Read more

Dear RCF: What If Marriage is My Goal?

‪ Dear CRF‬, “Marriage is the goal for some people and not for others. With that being said, would you date someone knowing that they are looking for a level of companionship (not marriage) with the hopes of changing their mind? Or Read more

Dear CRF: Should I Care?

Dear Code Red Flag, Should I care that my man watches porn? Is it really bad? CRF Response The only person who can answer that question is you. There are some couples who incorporate porn into their intimate relationships. Then Read more

Dear CRF, Can I Keep the Ring?

DEAR CRF, “Here’s My question. A man proposes to you while He’s living with you, splits bills and all. He bought a wedding band set. He gives you engagement ring but after several months becomes physically abusive. You love him Read more

Dear CRF, Is He In A Relationship?

  ‪DEAR CRF‬, “Here’s my new question. There’s a guy that works at the grocery store near my job. For months he’s been giving me looks, asking me how i am and asking to hang out, if i have a Read more

Dear CRF, My Children Live With An Addict

Dear CRF, “I am divorced and my teenaged children live primarily with their mom and I get to have them often as well. My Ex and I get along well and there is no animosity between us. Recently, she and Read more

Dear CRF, I’m in Love with Two Women

Dear CRF, “I’m in love with two women, if I hadn’t met one, I would be happy with the other. But what do you do, when you feel “It”, for two women?” CRF RESPONSE You find yourself in quite a Read more