Wednesday Wonder Woman: Dannielle Lewis-Smith


Dannielle Smith- Lewis  is the CEO of  Budgeting2Banking, a financial literacy firm that believes in building a stronger community. Dannielle works with mothers and businesswomen everyday who are looking for a way to have a stress-free financial life and build Read more

Author Spotlight: Patrina Dixon


Patrina Dixon is the owner and CEO of P. Dixon Consulting, a firm dedicated to providing educational and financial resources to small businesses and individuals. Patrina started her career while in high school. Through that experience, she gained an understanding Read more

Quick Read: 6 Tips for Spending Less While Entertaining Over the Weekend


  As much as I love my work, I do believe weekends are for enjoying people and activities outside of work. However, as a responsible adult, we all know weekends can often override our budgeting. Here are six tips for Read more