Chris Brown Documentary Premiere


We all know, the great dancer/singer/actor, Chris Brown and how he is always in the media saying, “People just don’t seem to understand me.” Well, his new documentary, “Welcome To My Life”, shields some light on us getting a better understanding of the Read more

Author Spotlight: Ty A. Patterson


Ty A. Patterson is a writer, motivational speaker, entertainer and entrepreneur. Her first book entitled “Southern Jewel: The Elements Within” was released in 2014. She is the owner of the home décor shop Phenomenal Gifts and creator of Pretty Personality Ministries, which Read more

#FancysThoughts: An Appreciation Of Home


Returning home is something I always said I would never do, yet I knew I would do in an extreme situation. I never gave much thought as to what an extreme situation might be. Only once I crossed into Arizona Read more

From Fancy w/Love: I’ve Grown

Now that I have began to be out more, weekends are one of my favorite things, but this past weekend was rough after experiencing a breakup. Though older, breakups don’t seem to be getting any easier but the fact that Read more

No Mum Album for Adele But Check Out These Other Artists/Moms


    By now we are sure you know Adele will be releasing a new album soon, “25”, on November 20th, and many of us are awaiting it. Yesterday her single “Hello” and its video  was released. However, Adele told Read more

#FancysThoughts: Jill Scott’s “Woman” Review


While I’ve been on a break from social media and wanted some new music, I noticed Jill Scott’s new album Woman is now out the other day and decided to get it. I first listened to the album while heading to Read more



I had been in the biggest funk lately, and I could not understand why. Professionally, things were going fine. I could see growth. I felt productive. I was dating someone and my basic needs were being met.  I no longer Read more

Tell Me Something Tuesday: He is so fine. Should I block him?


I’ve been in love with this gorgeous, black, tall, handsome, thick man for over 20 years. He was the one that I claim got away. I’m divorced and he’s divorced and things just came together in the best way ever. He does Read more

Get Some Act Right- The Grace Period

Imagine my surprise the other day when a friend and I were talking and she told me of her male coworker saying he was getting tired of his girl and he wanted a new one, one he could take places Read more