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  • MANdatory Awareness: King Jay

    MANdatory Awareness: King Jay0

    After his NFL career ended and his girlfriend left him, former Green Bay Packers player, Jay Barnett, suffered from depression and attempted suicide. With his support system and professional help, Barnett built a new life mentoring youth, speaking publicly, and writing. Through his programs like the ME project a five-week self-development and exploratory program designed

  • Author Spotlight: Audrey Woodley

    Author Spotlight: Audrey Woodley0

    Audrey Woodley is a mother and teacher from the Westside of Chicago, who grew up without a father. She was raised by her mom Rita and grandmother Beatrice Sanders. Setting out to be extraordinary, Audrey graduated from Texas Southern University with a B.S in Mathematics and B.A. in School of Leadership. With her love for buying the latest

  • New Year, New Me…Really, What Are You Changing???

    New Year, New Me…Really, What Are You Changing???0

    Every year we hear the “New year, new me”, “This year is my year” spill from the same ole people, doing the same ole things. What are you changing and how are you planning to make these things happen. I must admit, when I was younger I used to say this same spill and didn’t