The Black Woman Is Broken (5)

Everywhere I look in society there is something new telling me, what is wrong with me. Clearly, I am broken and in need of being fixed. Essays on my attitude, my hair, my love life and more. Everyone can tell Read more

The New Tech Tracking Police Interactions, the Chatbox


As of today, there has been 848 police involved shootings and/or police involved deaths, which is in part why Brandon Anderson created the chatbox. tracks people’s interactions with the police, allowing them to leave a review the way Read more

3 Things Black Men Can Do To Cut Risk Of Diabetes 


Black America Web published a post today entitled “5 Things Every Black Man Should Do To Cut His Diabetes Risk”. After the reading, it seemed like it could be summed up in three points. Here goes… Education- Black men can Read more

Mandatory Awareness: Gerard Kersey


Gerard Kersey is the first to be honored in our MANdatory Awareness segment, which will feature Black men striving to make a difference. Kersey is the founder and owner of That Suits You, an organization that provides professional attire to men Read more