Author Spotlight: Anika Martin


    Our author spotlight  today, Anika Ennett (Martin), was born in Philadelphia, PA, and grew up in the Mt. Airy and Germantown sections of the city. Anika has had the opportunity to travel a little, living in Norfolk, VA Read more

Dear CRF: I Don’t Love Him

Dear CRF, “I have been with my man for 15 years. I found out he’s been cheating for the last 2 yrs paying her bills. She’s not the only one there have been others in the last 2 years. I Read more

Le’Andria Johnson Speaks On It


RN Brand and Design recently held a press conference with gospel singer and song writer, Sunday’s Best Winner, and Grammy Award winner, Le’Andria Johnson. SwagHer Magazine had the privilege of listening in. As Johnson answered selected questions from various writers Read more