X-Posed: Domestic Violence


  Domestic violence is an epidemic that is grossly spreading all over the world at alarming rates.  The local news of every city in the country reports weekly, if not daily, of this horrific abuse.  The Center for Disease Control Read more

Dear CRF, Can I Keep the Ring?

DEAR CRF, “Here’s My question. A man proposes to you while He’s living with you, splits bills and all. He bought a wedding band set. He gives you engagement ring but after several months becomes physically abusive. You love him Read more

A Glimpse Inside Of #WhyIStayed

She’s laying on the bed, curled in a ball. After their last fight she’s experiencing severe contractions. Her daughter isn’t due for another two months. She’s crying. Now he consoles her, kissing her forehead and telling her to calm down. Read more

Love with Your Heart, Not With Your Hands

People often tell me they would not share as much as I do, but I have no problem with sharing, because you never know how your struggle can benefit someone else. This month I want to share my domestic violence Read more