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MANdatory Awareness: Reginald Gant

MANdatory Awareness: Reginald Gant

Our MANdatory Awareness feature holds a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Baltimore and is very active in his community. As an author, speaker, trainer, and consultant, Reginald Gant, loves to educate, inspire and equip others through personal development, professional development, training/workshops or speaking engagements. He and his wife, Hennither, are the co-owners of Career

Our MANdatory Awareness feature holds a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Baltimore and is very active in his community. As an author, speaker, trainer, and consultant, Reginald Gant, loves to educate, inspire and equip others through personal development, professional development, training/workshops or speaking engagements. He and his wife, Hennither, are the co-owners of Career Image Solutions, LLC. Together, they also assist individuals and families in getting their wills and medical directives prepared as well as identity theft protection. After the loss of two close family members, they have been on a relentless mission to ensure that other families have the peace of mind and protection in place needed for when life happens to others.

Growing up in Baltimore, Reginald was raised in a single parent household, but he beat the odds by surrounding himself with positive people. Reginald has published two books of affirmations Serve Yourself to Greatness and Serve Your Children to Greatness.

Reginald Gant is a man of many dreams out to serve the masses. In fact, he has a mission to teach men, fathers, and husbands how to seek excellence, respect and value every day (SERVE). His life’s motto is simple:  SERVE to be a blessing to others! Learn more about the MANdatory Awareness feature below.

Fancy: How would you describe your swagger? What makes Reginald, Reginald?

Reginald: I think that’s a great question. My answer would simply be confidence. For a large part of my life, I struggled in many different areas of my life. I have battled depression, low self-esteem issues, broken relationships, feelings of rejection, and fear in general. And that is mainly because I didn’t know who I was. But now, I know who I am and WHOSE I AM. I believe that I am everything that God says I am, so my swagger comes from my Lord and Savior. I now walk in His power and authority, and I now believe His report for me and my life. I feel like nothing can stop me, I’m all the way up.

Fancy: You stated that you found it necessary to surround yourself with positive people at an early age. How did you grasp the importance of that so early?

Reginald: The power of association is everything. I remember hearing my parents say that you are the company you keep. At an early age, since I never really fit in with the “cool kids”, I had to gravitate towards others who were more like me. They were smarter. They played chess. They were avid readers. They were dedicated to being the best that they could be. I struggled with this, as most youth do, but found comfort in knowing that God created me to be exactly how He made me. So eventually you get tired of trying to “fit it”, and just evolve into who you are and who you were designed to be. It’s a process, and I believe we all go through it in our own ways.

Fancy: What inspired your mission SERVE (seek excellence respect value everyday)?

Reginald: Honestly, SERVE was given to me by God in a dream back in 2009. I had no idea of what it meant at the time but I do recall waking up and writing it down in my journal. In a later dream, He broke down the acronym and what it meant. For years, this just kept nudging at me internally until I finally gave it some attention. As time went on, God revealed to me that SERVE was my purpose here on earth and that I would serve and teach others how to serve as well. Now my organization is up and running, and I am excited to give back to society what has been placed inside of me to give. I have a true desire and passion to educate, equip, and empower men, fathers, and husbands to serve so that they can begin to transform themselves internally and take that change externally to their families, communities, and the world in general.

Fancy: Please share a little about your two books Serve Yourself to Greatness and Serve Your Children to Greatness.

Reginald: I totally believe in the power of affirmations. Due to the things I used to struggle with as a child and young adult, I know now that the power of life and death is in the tongue. It’s not just a biblical cliché. I know what it’s like to be down and out, to be hurt, depressed and lost. Both books were designed and written for their readers to overcome and speak life over themselves and their situations. Serve Yourself to Greatness is designed for you personally. Serve Your Children to Greatness is designed for parents, guardians, caregivers or mentors to read with their children, family, loved ones, or mentees. We must teach our children and next generations about the importance of affirmations and speaking life at an early age before the world teaches them otherwise.

Fancy: What topics do you normally speak on?

Reginald: My topics vary. I speak on personal development and professional development related topics. I speak on the power of affirmations and overcoming adversity. I speak on manhood and fatherhood topics. God has brought me through a lot of different situations, so I now use my voice to share what I have overcome to inspire others that they too can do the same.

Fancy: For you personally, why do you find it important for Black men to be involved with the youth in their community?

Reginald: Excellent question and one I talk about all the time. God is a God of divine order. I believe the order is God, then man, then woman, then family, and then everything else. The man is responsible for his family and his community. Black men especially MUST be responsible for our families and our communities. I find it admirable that others have a desire to see our youth succeed and mentor them. However, no one will ever be able to relate to what it is like being a Black man in America besides another Black man. We must take our young kings under our wing and begin to prepare them for life in this country. We must catch them at an early age, while they are still impressionable, and teach them of the Kings that they are before the world paints a portrait of them otherwise. It’s time for more Black men to face reality. We have been hurt, dad may have been there or not, we may have treated our women improperly, but we can FORGIVE ourselves, and God will forgive us if we ask Him to. We need to move forward and decide to change our future since our past is already behind us. Black men have a lot to offer, and my heart’s desire is that more men start to become whole and reach back to do the same for the next man up. That is why I SERVE. And that is why God laid this mission on my heart back in 2009.

Fancy: How do you balance the many hats you wear? Is balance even important to men?

Reginald: Balance is not easy, but to answer part two of this question, yes balance is absolutely important to men. Every man has a desire for a few things specifically and they all desire to be successful, respected, and loved by their family or those who they hold near and dear to their hearts. I do a lot, but honestly my wife also does a lot as well. We have to be very intentional about what we are doing and why. We try our very best to have date nights every Tuesday. We ensure that we go to church on Sunday. We read our word daily, and we try our best to pray together every night. We spend time with our children and do things with them, we lead our respective ministries, run our businesses (our HR company and helping individuals/families get their living wills and identity theft protection), and it can get hectic. But being intentional is the answer to part one. We all have many hats, and we all must find our own flow through life. There will be some times where the balance is off. You must learn from that and try to correct the course going forward. Nothing will ever be perfect but just aim for balance, and you will find it somehow some way.

Fancy: What is one obstacle you overcame, whether personally or professionally, and how did you do so?

Reginald: I have overcome so much in my life, but if I had to choose one thing, I would choose the fact that I had to overcome FEAR. Initially, I never wanted all of what God is doing in my life. I just wanted to be average. I had a fear of being used. It’s like the poem by Marianne Williamson when she says, ‘our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light not our darkness that most frightens us’.

How powerful. God has placed something inside each and every one of us that this world needs. Most will let fear control them and rule them. I was like that until God woke up in me. When He turned on my light, I realized that I TOO matter. My voice matters. I matter. I began to believe who He said I was through his word and through the power of affirmations and speaking life to myself and changing my thought patterns. Personal development changed my life. Changing my associations, changed my life. The books I have read, changed my life. I am now intentional on what I allow in my space whether personally, mentally, physically or spiritually. To anyone who desires change, it first starts with you. It first starts in your mind. It first starts with God. Who do you believe you are? Are you the Champ in you (the person God created you to be) or are you the Chump in you (the person your fears say you are)? Which person do you feed daily because that is the person who will grow and emerge as strong in your life? As for me, I chose to feed the Champ in me, and that is how I started overcoming all the obstacles in my life.

Fancy: Do you have any other projects or events that you care to share?

Reginald: I have a lot to share, because I am truly blessed to be a lot. God has called me to SERVE and I proudly serve in as many ways as possible.

For anyone in the Baltimore, MD area, I lead up Project Clean which is a community imitative where we clean the streets of the Randallstown community.

I will be speaking, in March, at a KingdomBoss Men’s event called “Enter the Man Cave”. I have another conference in June where I will be speaking also.

I help individuals, families, and business owners with their legal needs, family and/or business protection, and identity theft protection. I do this nationwide.

My wife and I own our own HR Consulting firm, and we proudly serve career seekers and businesses.

I lead a monthly session called Men’s Real Talk in collaboration with Black Professional Men.

I host a call for men every 2nd and 4th Monday at 8:30 pm (any man can dial in).

I’m an author and speaker and my books can be found on my website: www.serve4men.com

For more details, my email is reginaldgantjr@gmail.com

Please follow and connect with Reginald below.

Website: www.serve4men.com

Email: reginaldgantjr@gmail.com

Facebook: Reginald Gant

LinkedIn: Reginald Gant

IG: @reggieserves




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