Author Spotlight: Ty A. Patterson


Ty A. Patterson is a writer, motivational speaker, entertainer and entrepreneur. Her first book entitled “Southern Jewel: The Elements Within” was released in 2014. She is the owner of the home décor shop Phenomenal Gifts and creator of Pretty Personality Ministries, which Read more

Author Spotlight: Anika Martin


    Our author spotlight  today, Anika Ennett (Martin), was born in Philadelphia, PA, and grew up in the Mt. Airy and Germantown sections of the city. Anika has had the opportunity to travel a little, living in Norfolk, VA Read more

Up Close w/ Dannell Booker, Author Of “Taking All Our Good Black Men”


    What /Who inspired you to start writing?? I have always been a writer per say. Whether it was writing essays for my friends, to writing poems for my love interests in school; writing has always been my go to talent. It came Read more

#FancysThoughts: No Bad B*!@#E$ Allowed


I recently finished Melody L. Hubbard’s No Bad B*!@#E$ Allowed and found it to be a thought provoking read that confirmed my own beliefs of being a woman of purpose. Looking at the title, at first. I wondered how one Read more

#fancysthoughts: “The PR Code” Book Review


While there is so much to find and do online, I have been working to find more time to both get out and meet people and read. Last week, I completed Lillie Mae’s The PR Code which I thought I Read more

Black Women Get It Done-#FREEBREE


      Earlier this morning news spread of a young woman climbing the flagpole at the state capitol in Columbia, South Carolina and removing the Confederate flag. The young woman appears to be Bree Newsome a filmmaker, composer, and Read more

She is Fancy

me in yellow at aloft

I am a fan of the She Linked Literary Arts & Poetry page on Facebook. Because I am a fan, I was chosen by another fan, Yvette Danielle, to receive a poem written by the page owner and writer, Laurinda Read more

The Schomburg Center’s 3rd Annual Black Comic Book Festival Photo Recap


We attended  The Schomburg Center’s 3rd Annual Black Comic Book Festival  presented by the Junior Scholars Program in collaboration with Jerry Craft (Mama’s Boyz) and John Jennings (SUNY Buffalo/Black Kirby). The event celebrated black comix with a full day event that featured panel discussions, film screenings, hands-on Read more



In the beginning, the color of one’s skin was a big deterrent on how a person would live and he would be viewed.  Between the “Coloreds” and “Whites” there was always a feud. Why did the whites have to receive Read more

What It Is Beauty

What is beauty?Surely it can’t be defined by lines and curvesdrawn on the blue lines on a piece of paper.NaahBeauty was created by nature!So how can man define what was created by something other than himself?You know what I think Read more

The Creation of a Manifesto: Black & Blue w/ Cheryl Dorsey

It seems as if reports of police brutality and corruption are servicing almost everyday. More than ever now we ask who polices the police? I am honored to have had the opportunity to interview spoken with retired LAPD Sergaent, Cheryl Read more

Celibacy What Was I Thinking

If you read the title “Celibacy: What Was I Thinking?” then your interest would be piqued, right? Tranea Prosser wrote a book with that title, talking about her experience with celibacy and Christianity and relationships Tranea is a plus-sized woman, Read more

You Were Supposed to Love Me

  You Were Supposed To Love Me (The Break Up Book) has taken the United Kingdom by storm. This handy pocket sized book fits into your bag and is an inspiring read to ladies who is currently experiencing a relationship Read more

Keep Out, For Readers Only: “30 Text That Will Change Your Life”

Candice Alexia Caldwell is a 22 year old motivational speaker who wants to send a message to everyday people; letting them know that everything they could ever want is in their grasp through the power of God. She inspires others Read more