Relationships 101: Feeling Broken?

Started to blog today in my usual tip giving format..instead this came out of my creative soul! “Let me introduce myself.  “I am doubt, I am fear, I am your ugly past, I am that thing that tried to kill Read more

Relationships 101: The Relentless Version Of You?


Ever since my friend tagged me in a quote, I have had tunnel vision.  The quote said “I persevere. I am relentless. I persist. I keep going.” She said that quote reminded her of me.  So the word RELENTLESS has Read more

4 of July Style 

We’re a week away from Independence Day!  You’re going to be out and about at cookouts, parades and watching the fireworks, you must look good while doing it. Here’s some looks you can pull off for your 3 day weekend.  Read more



So I often find myself giving relationship advice.  I come from a place of openness and honesty.  Realistically, I only can tell people what I know works or doesn’t work.   When I do this I use a lot of Read more

Relationships 101: Loving An Alpha Female


An alpha female is typically an assertive and/or dominant female.  By sheer definition alone, alpha means one.  Long ago, I recognized that I was an alpha female and anyone who has dealt with me in anyway knows this.  This is Read more

LOVE LIFE: Domestic Violence & Fighting Fair!

October is breast cancer awareness month and while that is a very important, domestic violence is the number one cause of injury to women.  In case you didn’t know, October is also domestic violence awareness month.  It is believed that Read more

My 20 Year Love Affair Part II……

The achievement of one’s dreams is not measured quantitatively. At least not for me. It is measured by whether the feeling of that hunger is satisfied or not. There is a big difference between waking up totally satiated and waking Read more


People often say that text messaging is ruining relationships.  Oh but I beg to differ.  Texting, if used correctly, can be good for your relationships.  It is all in the way you communicate in the text that matters. For instance, Read more