3 Reasons Why You Should Walk In Your Truth


  There is something to be said about living and walking in your truth.  I didn’t always walk in my truth because I was ashamed of who I really was and some of the choices that I made, which later Read more

Create Your Own Happiness

  Have you ever seen something and wanted it? Did that image run around in your mind daily? Thoughts of tasting it, smelling it, visions of you with it. You spoke of it, you saw it and viola it became yours. I’m Read more

How Can I Be Depressed?

Don’t fret. Depression is very common. Many will experience some type of depression in their life time. Depression is a serious mental disorder that shouldn’t be ignored. A major depressive disorder is defined as a persistent low mood that is accompanied by low self-esteem and by a Read more

Turn Your Back On Negativity

karlyn in blue

A feeling is just that, a feeling, you don’t have to digest it. You have the ability to change your current situation into a pleasurable emotion. Negativity is thrown at us all day everyday and it will never stop. Why should you Read more

TODAY: Thrift

TODAY: I am thankful and grateful for the understanding and the influence of such a powerful insight to being THRIFT! Having a THRIFT attitude from a very early stage in your life puts you in good stead with the power Read more

TODAY: Patience

TODAY: I am grateful and thankful for the will of PATIENCE! Oh yes I am! It has been said that I have the PATIENCE of a ‘SAINT’ , while there are times I  just ‘AINT’! I am sure there are Read more

TODAY: Freedom

TODAY: I am grateful and thankful for I know that I walk in the power of FREEDOM! Oh Yes, FREEDOM! This is not a newness, though its meaning became heightened as I opened my Life and breathed in the air Read more

TODAY: Focus

TODAY: I am grateful and thankful for the ability to stay on task and FOCUS! When I am duty bound by a situation that requires the very best of me, It is healthy for me to be and maintain FOCUS! Read more


TODAY: I am grateful and thankful for allowing myself to REST! Yes, TO REST! What? Have I said something wrong? Is that word forbidden in one’s vocabulary or is it so “The Unwritten Rule”. Well guess what I am taking Read more


    TODAY: I give thanks and gratitude for my natural talent for acting in the industry called Life! Oh yes I have played so many roles on and off screen that I lost my own ‘identity’ at times! “What Read more


TODAY: I am grateful and thankful for being in love with JOY! Everyday this week I awoke and felt this deep rooted sense of wholeness that I soon discovered was…JOY! I did not do anything as far as I know, Read more


TODAY: I am grateful and thankful for the freedom that I get when I DANCE! Oh yes, I do!  When I hear the beat of a song that’s about to start, there’s an automatic connection that sends pulses right through Read more


How many times have you been felling so unhappy over a thing, that you allowed it to consume YOUR all? You gave and paid it so much attention that you just could not get past the hurt and pain. Then Read more


TODAY: I am thankful and grateful for the understanding of my DUTY! Yes I am! What do we know about the concept of DUTY? We know that it has TWO literal meanings. Legal requirement is when you are bound by Read more

TODAY: Confidence

TODAY: I am grateful and thankful to and for having CONFIDENCE! The late great Marcus Garvey spoke out that “If you have no CONFIDENCE in self, you are twice defeated in the race of LIFE. With CONFIDENCE you have WON Read more


TODAY: I give thanks and gratitude for knowing that I am “connected”. Not the kind of connection like when the “lightbulb” goes on in your head. Though don’t get me wrong, that is good! My connection is Divine Intervention. When Read more


TODAY: I am grateful and thankful for my choice of APPROVAL! Do you know that with an APPROVAL of something, whether yours or that of another, you are actually giving that purpose your seal of APPROVAL. Most times this can Read more

TODAY: Success

TODAY: I am grateful and thankful for my SUCCESS to date! SUCCESS is a feeling of triumphantly overcoming one’s challenges to gain a result or an outcome. What we do know about SUCCESS is that it is an achievement of Read more

TODAY: Forgiveness

TODAY: I am grateful and thankful for the constant JOY that comes from FORGIVENESS! Oh yes I am… Let me start by insuring you that when you FORGIVE, you immediately become FREE! It’s as simple as that, although it is Read more

TODAY: Earth’s Chessboard

I give thanks as I realized that I am learning to play chess! I give thanks for understanding how each member on a chess board represents Life and has a purpose to move you from one stage to the next. Read more