Monday Morning Motivation: Stand in Your Truth

Greetings, Happy Monday! Whenever I have a speaking engagement, I always worry if my subject matter is too “real”, because I’m not a faith based speaker. Like my writing, when I speak, I draw from my life experiences and struggles. Read more

Relationships 101: Super Serenity

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“If you don’t like something change it, if you can’t change it, change your attitude.” -Maya Angelou Many of us have said or at least know the “Serenity” prayer.  Why?  Because it gives us a revelation that we can not Read more

Start Your Week Off Right: 35 Affirmations To Change Your Life

When I first began my inner peace journey, I began with affirmations and much reading. I used affirmations to change my thought process. The word “affirmation” derives from the Latin word, affirmare, originally meaning “to make steady, strengthen.”  Through repetition Read more



I have a personal PIN, not just for my phone or bank cards, but for the bank of VALENCIA, you have to possess the right PIN.  POSITIVE, INFLUENTIAL, and NURTURING!  If you don’t have the right PIN, you are not Read more

RELATIONSHIPS 101: Ninja Moves and Assembling Your Own Super PAC

relationships 101

Most of us grew up watching Bruce Lee kick butt late night on Kung Fu Theater.  Or maybe, that was just me.  However, you can learn a lot from martial arts.  In martial arts, not only is offense taught but Read more

RELATIONSHIPS 101: MIA by choice!


Do you ever wonder if the reason people don’t support you is because they doubted you?  I used to wonder the same thing and then I realized that in the end, it kind of didn’t matter.  Honestly, I have went Read more

Change Can Be Discouraging: 5 Tips for Making It Easier

So we are almost two weeks into the new year. How are your New Year’s resolutions going? I do not do holidays, but I enjoy New Year’s Day because it is an opportunity for a fresh start. I notice I Read more



Living versus surviving, do you know the difference? Most people don’t, so don’t feel bad.  Surviving means continuing to exist despite hardship or adversity.  Living, on the other hand, means pursing a specified lifestyle.  It’s like the difference between effective Read more

Willow Smith Drops Gems In Her ID-Magazine Interview

I’ve always seen Will and Jada’s kids being labeled as weird and unorthodox but I think Willow said it perfectly when she described herself as Next Level in her ID Magazine interview. During this interview the 14 year old dropped Read more

Create Your Own Happiness

  Have you ever seen something and wanted it? Did that image run around in your mind daily? Thoughts of tasting it, smelling it, visions of you with it. You spoke of it, you saw it and viola it became yours. I’m Read more

You Must Be Proactive


I watched a video by Shanel Cooper Sykes not long ago as she was discussing the missing piece of the law of attraction. She shared a story about a client who wanted to live this lavish life filled with nice, Read more

Don’t Beat Yourself Up Over It

Are you the type to beat yourself over simple mistakes? Do you replay your embarrassing moments over and over? Are you stuck on woulda/shoulda/coulda?  Don’t beat yourself up over little things. We all mistakes. We’re human, and our mistakes are Read more

When You Feel Discouraged

So today is Monday and the start of a new day of possibility. I woke up thanking the good lord for another day to live my dream and another day to find solutions to my many human interests and setbacks Read more

Loving Your Black, Bold, and Beautiful Self

It saddens my heart to think that people of color harbor such depreciating, stereotypical ideas, handed down through embittered western cultures who once likened skin color to being less than or non existent to the human race. The fact that Read more