When You Feel Discouraged

So today is Monday and the start of a new day of possibility. I woke up thanking the good lord for another day to live my dream and another day to find solutions to my many human interests and setbacks Read more

Talks w/ the BossLady: Gogetta, Yvette Adams

Yvette Adams is a bosslady wearing many hats. She is an adjunct professor, co-owns the marketing and promotional company Amirakal Marketing along with her husband, Brandon, and she is the host of Amirakal Talk with the BossLady, which was created Read more

Loving Your Black, Bold, and Beautiful Self

It saddens my heart to think that people of color harbor such depreciating, stereotypical ideas, handed down through embittered western cultures who once likened skin color to being less than or non existent to the human race. The fact that Read more

Relationships: Love, Lust, & Loyalty

By NaTamara Newton & Ashant’e Clayborn Roberson The world has created a false sense of what “true” relationships are. We are living in a day and age where it is okay to be “the other woman”. Television shows such as Read more

The Creation of a Manifesto: Black & Blue w/ Cheryl Dorsey

It seems as if reports of police brutality and corruption are servicing almost everyday. More than ever now we ask who polices the police? I am honored to have had the opportunity to interview spoken with retired LAPD Sergaent, Cheryl Read more