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  • Bruh… Online Dating Woes, Men’s Guide to Online Dating

    Bruh… Online Dating Woes, Men’s Guide to Online Dating0

    Ok, so just the other day I said I would write my review of online dating experiences, but I am almost over it already. Pulling a decent conversation out of these men is like pulling wisdom teeth. I just don’t understand, so while this post is somewhat to express my thoughts aka complain, I am

  • #FancysThoughts: Dating Goals 2018

    #FancysThoughts: Dating Goals 20180

    This year while I am setting life and business goals, I’m also making dating goals. I am not talking about pictures for Instagram and other social media. In my recent interview with Stacii Jae Johnson, author of Date Girl! 143 Reasons Why I Believe Women Should Date Multiple Men With No Intimacy and hostess of

  • #MeToo: Sexual Harassment

    #MeToo: Sexual Harassment0

    By Author, life coach and radio personality Johanna Sparrow Many years ago, while working in the banking industry, I thought I was only giving off a ladylike, respectful, and professional demeanor in the workplace. Heck, who was I kidding, I knew I’d have to bite my tongue if I wanted peace with my male counterparts,

  • How To Move On Without Being Bitter

    How To Move On Without Being Bitter0

    It’s 2018, everybody! We made it! Well, for those of you who’ve been following me for a while, you know that I’m recently divorced and as such, I try to spread positivity and give encouragement to ladies who are in situations similar to my own. I talked about this before on a Facebook live video,

  • 5 Guys Women Should Never Sleep With

    5 Guys Women Should Never Sleep With0

    • LOVE
    • January 27, 2018

    Girl, don’t give him none, RUN! Five guys women should never sleep with By: Obsession The Pretty Writer Signs. They are too important to ignore. Why do you ask? Well, because signs can save us from going to prison, getting our hearts broken, catching an STD, etc. Paying attention to signs and even investigating them,

  • The Good Old Days

    The Good Old Days0

    The dying breed of the characteristics of integrity is appearing to be obsolete. The way we live our lives nowadays is so foreign from yester years.  It used to be that your word was bond, and “yes” was “yes” and “no” meant “no”.  I remember when our elderly were honored, and we looked out for