My 20 Year Love Affair Part II……

The achievement of one’s dreams is not measured quantitatively. At least not for me. It is measured by whether the feeling of that hunger is satisfied or not. There is a big difference between waking up totally satiated and waking Read more

My 20 Year Love Affair….Part I

20 years.  Wow.  20 years.  I have been in the same love affair for 20 years.  Our anniversary is coming up and so I reflect on the journey we have had together.  Everyone wouldn’t understand the type of relationship we Read more

Alicia Johnson : Couture Hair

Alicia white

    A creator and expert in her field, Alicia Johnson is ready to bring the Midwest to the dirty south. Johnson is gearing up to bring glits and glam in her creation of “ The Phantom of the Opera” Read more

Grinders Spotlight: Fire Flame Music Group’s Cristian Gabor


Considerably the hottest new act out of Harlem, NYC, Cristian Gabor is an aspiring new artist that can hold her own for any provocation. Lyrically diverse and witty as well, she has been dropping verse after verse over the past Read more

Business Minded Mommy!!

Janelle is about her businesses, fashion and food whatever else  a girl can ask for. I started both of my businesses just by having a creative mind. All my life. I’ve been so into fashion and art work, that I Read more

Meet the Visionary Behind “Style or Die”

Style or Die is taking the fashion world by storm! I had the honor of assisting the young woman Tiphanie who came up with the tee’s. Read about her ideas, whose she’s worked with, ups and downs and where she Read more

Q & A with LaShae – Who’s That Girl?

LaShae Moreland is a bright and talented woman from NYC, with a talent that is going to take the fashion world by storm. Read her answers to our stylist life questions to see why she will be the next hot Read more

Positivity In Jersey City!!

As Young people, we have had ups and downs, some have turned out postive and others negative. Takiesha “The Truth” Stewart turned her negative into a positive in Jersey City, NJ for the Youth, take a look. What are your Read more

Dreams Do Come True – Up Close with Steph Miya

I had the pleasure to chat with my fellow classmate Steph Miya, read about her dreams, ambitions, and what makes her a double threat to the fashion world. Fashion styling wasn’t something I chose, it chose me.  From the as Read more

Miss Black Louisiana: Nakina Eugene

Nakina Marie Eugene is a native of New Orleans.  She graduated from Xavier University Preparatory School as the Salutatorian in 2001.  She was honored as the first recipient of the Arnold and Hazel Donald Scholarship Award. As a Donald Scholar, Miss Read more

Divalicous: Ms. Juicci Da Diva

Shan “Ms Juicci” Brown is a model of about five years, a designer for 360 Denim and Apparel, and motivational speaker. She also served in “Operation Enduring Freedom” in Afghanistan. Ms Juicci has been featured in over 20 publications.

UPDATE: More than Lip Service Ink, Thais Mills

In November, we had the pleasure of featuring “dot comer” Thais Mills of Enticing Objects and Lip Service as our grinder. Check out what Mills is doing now with her office line of Enticing Objects and read what other exciting Read more

Meet the City Socialite, Natasha Wicker

We have changed up our “Grinder” section but the women and their endeavors are the same! Meet this month’s Grinder Natasha Wicker, owner of Wicker Media Inc and publisher of the City Socialite. Me: Where are you from? Natasha Wicker: Read more