What to Expect When Expecting?

Lifestyle designer Valenica Wallace-Griffin in dress designed by Kenya Kersey.

Let me first start off by saying that 2016 was a phenomenal year that I wasn’t really expecting.  It was like a good drama with all the plot twist, faux friends, and trips with an anticipated happy ending. This year, Read more

My 20 Year Love Affair Part II……

The achievement of one’s dreams is not measured quantitatively. At least not for me. It is measured by whether the feeling of that hunger is satisfied or not. There is a big difference between waking up totally satiated and waking Read more

My 20 Year Love Affair….Part I

20 years.  Wow.  20 years.  I have been in the same love affair for 20 years.  Our anniversary is coming up and so I reflect on the journey we have had together.  Everyone wouldn’t understand the type of relationship we Read more

Jessica Alba- Actress to Self-Made Business Woman

In Forbes recent issue, America’s Richest Self-Made Women, actress turned businesswoman Jessica Alba has made the list. She is the co-founder of The Honest Company whose brand is worth an estimated $1 billion dollars. The Honest Company is committed to Read more

Allusions By. A. Lekay : A Woman On A Mission


Altrichia “ A. Lekay “ Cook, a 27 year old, who was once a teenage mother; has risen above all statistics, and is now a trailblazing business woman, entrepreneur, and community leader who is definitely on a mission. From showcasing her brand Read more

Talent Flows Through Jersey City: Mirah Supreme Talented Teen

We love young people who are creative and want to express themselves through their art. Checkout Mirah Supreme as she tells us about herself and her music. How would you describe yourself as an artist ? -I would say I’m Read more

Talks w/ the BossLady: Gogetta, Yvette Adams

Yvette Adams is a bosslady wearing many hats. She is an adjunct professor, co-owns the marketing and promotional company Amirakal Marketing along with her husband, Brandon, and she is the host of Amirakal Talk with the BossLady, which was created Read more

Q&A With A Fab MUA

Johnequa Furby NYC MUA, tells how she became a makeup maven with her own personal issue. 1.) Why did you choose to become a makeup artist? I got into makeup, because when I was in high school I suffered from Read more

Business Minded Mommy!!

Janelle is about her businesses, fashion and food whatever else  a girl can ask for. I started both of my businesses just by having a creative mind. All my life. I’ve been so into fashion and art work, that I Read more

SkinCare: Because of You Organics

Renee Gibson tells Swagher.net what prompted her to create Because of You Organics skincare treatment and how you can start using her products. My product line began after I gave birth to a healthy baby boy, and like any mom, Read more

Meet the Visionary Behind “Style or Die”

Style or Die is taking the fashion world by storm! I had the honor of assisting the young woman Tiphanie who came up with the tee’s. Read about her ideas, whose she’s worked with, ups and downs and where she Read more

Q & A with LaShae – Who’s That Girl?

LaShae Moreland is a bright and talented woman from NYC, with a talent that is going to take the fashion world by storm. Read her answers to our stylist life questions to see why she will be the next hot Read more

Positivity In Jersey City!!

As Young people, we have had ups and downs, some have turned out postive and others negative. Takiesha “The Truth” Stewart turned her negative into a positive in Jersey City, NJ for the Youth, take a look. What are your Read more

Dreams Do Come True – Up Close with Steph Miya

I had the pleasure to chat with my fellow classmate Steph Miya, read about her dreams, ambitions, and what makes her a double threat to the fashion world. Fashion styling wasn’t something I chose, it chose me.  From the as Read more

East Coast Designers : Nostalgic Fads Fresh to Death

Nostalgic Fads is a provocative brand with a breathtaking approach to urban apparel. Gearing their talent through various outlets whether it be through trade-shows or their online, one-stop shop, www.nostalgicfads.com (spring release date) are indeed a force to be reckoned Read more

Live With Gogetta: Nikki Rich

It’s great to start our year off with a gogetta who is not only doing great things but also has such a positive spirit. I must say out of all the interviews I’ve done, my interview with Nikki Rich, CEO Read more

On the Dime with Gogetta DeShai Cole

DeShai Cole

“I chose NOT to fall victim to my hardships, but to use my experience as motivation to create a better life for myself. My dream is to inspire ALL women to do the same.”-DeShai Cole  Whereas many see struggles as Read more

Say Something Gogetta Tamme Pha

Catching up with this month’s Gogetta was a little hard, but we are proud to have Tamme Pha with us! Pha is the owner of Spaahh Chic, celebrity blogger of Say Something!, distributor of GoodHair, an Indian hair line, radio Read more

A VUE From Both Sides: Gogetta, Valaira Sa-Ra

Most young girls dream of being a model one day, but this gogetta dreamed of being a model, became one, and then realized the errors made in the midst of productions and decided to go behind the scenes to plan Read more