Wednesday’s Wonder Woman: Evonne Hardee


What inspired you to become an entrepreneur? My children and my creativity did not fit in with the corporate environment, so I created my own employment, one that my children can take part in. Do you prefer natural ingredients when Read more

#FancysThoughts: Triple 9


  Last night I attended the private screening in Atlanta  for Triple 9, the new action thriller directed by John Hillcoat (Lawless). The movie is set in current Atlanta,GA, starring Oscar nominee Woody Harrelson, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Kate Winslet, Casey Affleck Read more

Wednesday Wonder Woman: Latima Nicole


  How would you describe your swagher? I would describe my swagher with one word- CONFIDENCE, it allows me to adapt to any environment and appear to belong. I think it is very important not to limit yourself to the Read more

From the Desk of a Diva: 5 Qualities of a Womanpreneur


In my interview with When Chics Chat, a women’s empowerment radio show on Streets 93.3 hosted by Honey Allure, I shared some qualities I think a womanpreneur must possess. In case you missed the interview, I am sharing them here Read more

JSU Students Create Smart Mat for Diabetics

Four seniors at Jackson State University have developed a smart mat that helps avoid amputations for diabetics by reading their temperatures.The four engineering majors, Chevan Baker, Jann Butler, Jordan Barber, and Fred Harris, designed the device for their senior project. Read more

Wednesday Wonder Woman: Jessica Pringle


Describe your Swagher? In other words, what makes you, you? I believe what makes me the individual that I am is the fact that I can understand and relate to anyone. I understand people’s struggle because I’ve been through just Read more

From the Desk Of a Diva: 3 Tips For Concentration


In today’s “smart” world, fully concentrating  can be a little challenging. There’s so much going on, so fast, that many of us find it hard to give any one thing our sole attention.  Check out these three tips for improving Read more


relationships 101

How many of us have relationships because it looks good in public?  You guys are the perfect couple.  Everyone says so.  But when you go home, there is no love, no respect, nothing of any substance, but it looks good Read more

Snippet From The Tantalizing Tami Roman Returns to Television


  Q&A: Fancy Do you have any secrets for dating younger men? It is no different than dating someone your age or older. In any relationship it is necessary to communicate, be transparent, honest and committed to each other. How Read more

My Rock Bottom Will Get Him To the Top


“Success is walking from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm”- Winston Churchill Mompreneurs are the most sacrificial creatures on earth, especially single moms who I represent. Sacrificing time with our family, friends, but most importantly our child(ren). Entrepreneurship Read more

From the Desk of a Diva: 2 Tips For Confidence

Self confidence can open many doors for the ambitious individual. Unfortunately, most of struggle with it. While listening to a TED talk I heard these awesome tips and just had to share. Repeatedly step out of your comfort zone and Read more

Monica Pearson Docuseries Premiere Kicks Off Black History Month in the Historic Sweet Auburn District of Atlanta

The Lives Untold™ Docuseries Team with Monica Pearson Just blocks away from the birthplace of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Digital Sharp Shots, LLC and The Social NetworKING™ kicked off Black History Month with a bang. On February 2, 2016, Read more

From the Desk of a Diva: Stop Playing With Social Media

It’s a beautiful day right? Of course it is! Another day to grow your successful business. You’re probably figuring out your next business move or next event to attend or even adding new products and/or services. Which are all GREAT Read more



No man is an island or woman for that matter.  A lot of people are going through life happily single or miserably married without realizing that you can have both.  Yes, you too can be happily married.  I know, I Read more

Inspiring Through Her Passion: Paije Speights

paije 2

One third of XSO, designer, and most importantly kind-hearted Paije Speights is hella busy but spared some time to chat with me and offer some inspiration and words of wisdom! Although a workaholic (her words not mine ☺) she is Read more



  Newly weds Keisha Knight Pulliam and Ed Hartwell opened their new gym, Big Hart Wellness  & Sports Academy this past weekend in Duluth, Georgia. Hartwell played in the NFL from 2001-2006 for the Baltimore Ravens and the Atlanta Falcons. Read more