Lost in Luv: Stop Prejudging

So many people today create false truths about the opposite sex that they believe the illusions their own minds project. This is taking place in both the male and female sectors of life. Why assume an innocent person guilty as Read more

Are You Late for the Sexual Revolution?

by: Fancy Does anyone remember that episode of BET’s “The Game” when Malik’s friend, Tee Tee, said that Black women are late for the times? He and Tasha Mack were talking about dating gigolos, and he was saying to her Read more

TODAY: Focus

TODAY: I am grateful and thankful for the ability to stay on task and FOCUS! When I am duty bound by a situation that requires the very best of me, It is healthy for me to be and maintain FOCUS! Read more

Lost in Luv: Look in the Mirror

  So the chips fell to the wayside. The affection stopped and the games progressed. Time spent together grew further and further apart.  The communication froze and was replaced by silence, and the things you all used to do as Read more

Wednesday’s Wonder Woman: LaNette Kincaid

  They say pretty girls wear pearls. Well LaNette Kincaid should know. As the proud owner of Just Pearlz, LaNette Kincaid of Fort Worth, Texas, is our Wonder Woman for this week. Just Pearlz is a fashion jewelry and accessories Read more

From Fancy w/ Love: Looking Forward

Greetings, I hope you all are well and have started your week in a productive manner. Today I wanted to share a story that the pastor told us in church during a sermon, because it gave me a new outlook Read more


TODAY: I am grateful and thankful for allowing myself to REST! Yes, TO REST! What? Have I said something wrong? Is that word forbidden in one’s vocabulary or is it so “The Unwritten Rule”. Well guess what I am taking Read more

Lost in Luv: The Definition of the Other Woman

Females, let’s be clear… and REAL… a man is not cheating with you because you are so good at being the other woman…he is cheating with you because you are not good enough to The Woman.If you are bragging about Read more

Wednesday’s Wonder Woman: Queenie Johnson

Around here, we applaud women who are working to uplift other women, so it is a pleasure to introduce everyone to Queenie Johnson, the Mindset Mastery Maven and founder of SheRISES- The School of Success for Women where Johnson is Read more


    TODAY: I give thanks and gratitude for my natural talent for acting in the industry called Life! Oh yes I have played so many roles on and off screen that I lost my own ‘identity’ at times! “What Read more

Lost in Luv: Letting Go

by: Antonio “Mr. Passion” Starks Letting go does not mean we do not care. Letting go does not mean we shut down. Letting go means we stop trying to force outcomes and make people behave. It means we give up Read more


TODAY: I am grateful and thankful for being in love with JOY! Everyday this week I awoke and felt this deep rooted sense of wholeness that I soon discovered was…JOY! I did not do anything as far as I know, Read more