TODAY: Confidence

TODAY: I am grateful and thankful to and for having CONFIDENCE! The late great Marcus Garvey spoke out that “If you have no CONFIDENCE in self, you are twice defeated in the race of LIFE. With CONFIDENCE you have WON Read more


TODAY: I give thanks and gratitude for knowing that I am “connected”. Not the kind of connection like when the “lightbulb” goes on in your head. Though don’t get me wrong, that is good! My connection is Divine Intervention. When Read more

Lost in Luv: Does Your Relationship Include This?

by: Antonio “Mr. Passion” Starks Today ladies and gents remember the one thing that is going to lift you, when you feel down in the relationship or feel like you might want to give up is… GOD! Without God in Read more

Wednesday’s Wonder Woman: Chandris Berry

Today’s Wonder Woman is a mother and wife, who works as a home health registered nurse from Chicago, but who is passionate to make event planning her full time career. Chandris Berry is the founder and owner of A Perfect Read more

You Might Can’t Afford Mariah Carey

What would you think if your hubby or wife told a potential employer, they maybe cannot afford you? Would you be upset or would you agree? Would you think “Bae knows his business. He knows better!” Well if your husband Read more


TODAY: I am grateful and thankful for my choice of APPROVAL! Do you know that with an APPROVAL of something, whether yours or that of another, you are actually giving that purpose your seal of APPROVAL. Most times this can Read more

Lost in Luv: Just STOP! Don’t Take It Too Far

by: Antonio “Mr. Passion” Starks Ladies if you just meet a man stop putting so much into them talking about how much you miss the hubby, how you are so happy, and bragging about how you and him going to Read more

Survivor: Shade Ashani

by: Fancy Whether young or old, some women will always be a daddy’s girl, and no man can ever take their father’s place, but it is becoming far too common for young girls to grow up without their fathers nowadays. Read more

Rockin’ W/ Danse Noir Studio

  Danse Noir Studio, which is the largest African American owned dance school in the Baton Rouge area, recently held its spring dance recital. This year’s theme entitled Dancing on Air, led the audience on a journey spanning music history.  Read more

Rockin’ w/ Divine Divas Pageant

The Divine Divas Pageant is a beauty pageant for young girl ranging from toddler age to 18 years of age that has taken place in Baton Rouge, Louisiana for the past three years. Unlike the pageants that we are more familiar with, Read more

Near and Dear: Son to Follow in Father’s Footsteps and Lead Full Gospel Pentecostal Church

BATON ROUGE – The Full Gospel Pentecostal Church family is coming full circle as one of its own will lead the congregation. Pastor Ryan Virgil Allmon was elected pastor in May and will succeed his father, Bishop Richard V. Allmon, Read more

Miss Thang Says: Giving Up Is Not an Option

Challenges are supposed to make you better, right? The pressure is suppose to refine and perfect you, right? Oh how charming those sweet inspirational quotes are when it doesn’t apply to you! This week, has been one of those weeks Read more