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  • A Second Chance

    A Second Chance0

    Life has a funny way of handing you lemons and telling you to make lemonade. Mine somehow always manages to be spiked by the time I’m done with it. Sometimes, the world judges you for how you make your lemonade. If you’re not following, I’m saying that society isn’t so fair if you have made a

  • On the Shoulders of Giants: John Horse

    On the Shoulders of Giants: John Horse0

    The legend John Horse was born near Micanopy, Florida during the time of the War of 1812, his mother was an African woman who was a slave of his father, who was a Seminole Indian slave trader named Charley Cavallo. John Horse and his mother were the property of Cavallo but lived in one of

  • Outpouring Of Blessings

    Outpouring Of Blessings0

    I woke up this morning with every one of you on my mind.  Being our brothers’ keeper will often make us restless, because the prayer life of a believer is a constant warfare fight.  That means you’re mindful of the welfare of others. With that being said, I hear the sound of abundant rain. The

  • Dear Young People

    Dear Young People0

    Submitted by NaKisha King-Graves Wife, Mother, Author & Certified Gift Opener™ www.madamcupid.com www.kidzstuff.org