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  • On the Shoulders of Giants: John Horse

    On the Shoulders of Giants: John Horse0

    The legend John Horse was born near Micanopy, Florida during the time of the War of 1812, his mother was an African woman who was a slave of his father, who was a Seminole Indian slave trader named Charley Cavallo. John Horse and his mother were the property of Cavallo but lived in one of

  • Outpouring Of Blessings

    Outpouring Of Blessings0

    I woke up this morning with every one of you on my mind.  Being our brothers’ keeper will often make us restless, because the prayer life of a believer is a constant warfare fight.  That means you’re mindful of the welfare of others. With that being said, I hear the sound of abundant rain. The

  • Dear Young People

    Dear Young People0

    Submitted by NaKisha King-Graves Wife, Mother, Author & Certified Gift Opener™ www.madamcupid.com www.kidzstuff.org 

  • #MeToo: Sexual Harassment

    #MeToo: Sexual Harassment0

    By Author, life coach and radio personality Johanna Sparrow Many years ago, while working in the banking industry, I thought I was only giving off a ladylike, respectful, and professional demeanor in the workplace. Heck, who was I kidding, I knew I’d have to bite my tongue if I wanted peace with my male counterparts,