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Author Spotlight: Cherrie McRae

Author Spotlight: Cherrie McRae

Our author spotlight this week is Cherrie McRae, whose first book Success Memoirs is launching this weekend. The Florida native and Georgia transplant, moved to Atlanta over 11 years ago to pursue a better life for her and her son. This gogetter has been blessed to work in many aspects of the entertainment industry from

Our author spotlight this week is Cherrie McRae, whose first book Success Memoirs is launching this weekend. The Florida native and Georgia transplant, moved to Atlanta over 11 years ago to pursue a better life for her and her son. This gogetter has been blessed to work in many aspects of the entertainment industry from acting in films, tv roles, and commercials, to speaking and red carpet hosting. She has a recurring role on the popular investigation series, Homicide Hunters as well as the comedy TV series, entitled Louis X due to appear on Comedy Central, featured film project entitled, Things My Daddy Should’ve Told Me, and Oxygen’s Snapped. Cherrie is no stranger to the stage either, appearing in Excuse Me Miss, I’m in love with your Husband, Lipstick Monologues, and Dedicated to a Dream, just to name a few. Learn more about the multi-talented diva below.

Fancy: How would you describe your SwagHer. What makes Cherrie, Cherrie?

Cherrie: I am multi-faceted! When you predict me to go in one direction, I go in a whole new one. I am a natural born trendsetter. What makes me, me? I am a ball of combustible energy! And if I am passionate about something, you will feel that energy before I even open my mouth. In short, I’ve been told on several occasions I have a great aurora!

Fancy: So you are a working actress, but you are publishing your book this week. What brought that about?

Cherrie: Referencing my personality traits mentioned above, I am a multi-faced individual. Because this is not a forced behavior, I give myself permission to pursue all of life’s options. I am a working actress, and as a member of the entertainment industry one can and will run into some rough patches. During one of my rough patches years ago, I birth a vision to write a book. A book where I can relay my methods of getting through life’s rough terrain by positively thinking and speaking your way out of it. My field is full of “no’s,” “maybe’s” and “not right now’s,’ as well as so many other diverse occupations. I wanted to create a resource that people just like myself could turn to, in their times of mental and emotional warfare.

Fancy: Can you share a little about Success Memoirs?

Cherrie: Success Memoirs Vol. 1 is my publishing debut, of which I am elated to have completed. The audio book has been my brainchild for roughly two years. I have attempted to put it out two other times, but things just did not fall into place as I’d planned. Here we are the top of 2018, and it is finally coming to fruition. Success Memoirs is a collaboration of positive affirmations and practical tools and resources that are designed to push audiences across the globe in a positive direction in their lives.

Fancy: What do you want readers to take away from the book?

Cherrie: Simply put,  a recycled and re-useable mindset. Take what was mentally old and torn, beautify and re-use it. I would hope my audience of listeners not only hear the words for what they are, but I would like them to really consider each word and apply them to their right-now situation. If the content is not applicable for you in your current season, be sure to share the knowledge with someone else.

Fancy: What does success look like to you?

Cherrie: Success is a by-product of my purpose fulfilled. As I uncover the needs of my purpose and find ways to fuel that purpose in chasing destiny and what will strengthen my life, is when I feel accomplished. That accomplished feeling then transitions into self-confidence, being in control, on top of my game; successful!

Fancy: To what do you contribute your acting success?

Cherrie: Truthfully? My higher belief.  Most toss around the idea of acting like it is a glamorous occupation. Truth is it is grimy and cut throat. One would be crazy to pursue it. But, as stated in my book, “Your gift will make room for you.” Acting has not always been a passion of mine. It grew on me and, I, it. Acting and performing is definitely one of my strong suits, and I can proudly say it is one of my many passions.

Fancy: How do you balance writing and acting?

Cherrie: For the record, I am a huge multi-tasker. Doing several things at one time, I’m finding is definitely one of my strengths. I excel when there is a lot to do and can get quite a bit of things done simultaneously. Some consider it a blessing; others would not touch it with a 10- foot pole. I squeeze in and manage idle time and make it work for me. Many days, my writing is non-traditional, meaning I record content and save it on my mobile phone so that I do not forget a current thought or idea, and I am never without my journal. Writing isn’t designated to just one section of my home, writing takes place any and everywhere.

Fancy: Your book launch is this weekend, what can attendees expect?

Cherrie: Success Memoirs, Vol. 1 I guarantee will not be your typical launch/signing. I’ve opted to give my guests an experience versus just an event.  My goal is to bring friends and peers together to not only showcase my brand/product but to also highlight their accomplishments. Guests can expect an evening where they can come let their hair down; a night filled with power-networking, chiseling, celebrating, fun, comradery, and entertainment all under one roof.

Fancy: What words of inspiration would you like to share with our readers?

Cherrie: Two things:

You get out of life what you put in.

The only limits and restrictions we encounter in life are the ones we place on ourselves.

Fancy: Do you have any other upcoming projects that you care to share?

Cherrie: I will be back in the studio piecing together volumes 2 and 3 of Success Memoirs so stay tuned. I’ve also captured the interest of other like-minded artists and writers who would like to come aboard my publishing company, CRae Publishing. In addition to that, I will be working towards my certification as a life/success coach, as well as beginning a weekly podcast station where I will speak on several topics surrounding artist motivation, empowerment and inspiration. As far as my acting/theatre career, stay tuned there are some screen-worthy projects on the horizon.

Cherrie has appeared in local commercial for companies such as Wal-Mart and national, internet product and brand advertisement projects. She has hosted several local and surrounding Red Carpet events, TV Co-host of Singles Forum of Atlanta, recurring talk show on Charter Cable Channel, mistress of ceremony for notable galas, fashion shows and corporate and networking events and print, brand model for Kawasaki, Beats by Dre, Metro PCS, Pollo Tropical and TapOut Fitness.

Website:  www.cherriemcrae.com

Acting Reelshttps://youtu.be/kXgarLlzCFM


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/craeconsulting

IG: lady_crae

Twitter: CherRae


IMDB: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm7101665



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